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Coinbase Earn - Band Protocol now available

Coinbase have released another quick Earn opportunity this time collaborating with Band. 

- Band Protocol is now available to quickly earn yourself $3
- After completing users have the ability to share amongst others to get another potential $40 of Band
- Different to other Coinbase Earn tasks they seem to have gone down a more simplistic method this time with gif / visuals
- Once completing the tasks you should as usual receive your Band almost instantly
- If you're unable to do the task their are the usual limitations in the T&C's on Coinbase including KYC so make sure to check those out.

If you would like to Earn $3 of Band today then head to my referral link here:

If you have yet to complete the Compound Earn tasks as well head here:

Tip: If you wish to send this on to Metamask once earned see my other article on how to add Band to your wallet here.

BandChain is designed to be compatible with most smart contract and blockchain development frameworks. It does the heavy lifting jobs of pulling data from external sources, aggregating them, and packaging them into the format that’s easy to use and verified efficiently across multiple blockchains. (Source: )

Happy earning and learning!

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Zero-Days without blockchain

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