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Hello I'm back with another Share Your Battle event this time the chosen card is Wood Nymph an excellent common green card from the Reward set, it is very special to me because it was one of the first cards I bought as soon as I started playing Splinterlands, I played a lot of games with her and she gave me a lot of joy, this time I won't need to rent it ūüėā


Wood Nymph



Wood Nymph is a common green card was released in a reward set I don't remember the date for sure but it's quite old, its status and ability put it as a support, it has the Tank Heal Ability since lvl 1 and Strengthen at lvl 6, all its attributes are very weak mainly its damage that only improves from lvl 8.
This card has always been used for its ability tank heal that helped a lot the heavy creatures that exist in green decks, and recently Obsidian was released an excellent summoner that can increase magic damage by +1 for all your creatures.

This card is so cute ūüėć


My Team



Obsidian - Excellent summoner took the place of great Alric in combats using magic damage, I was in doubt between her or Mylor, but I preferred to use the magic bonus to make magic combo.

Venari Knifer My tank, has a good speed and a medium hp, has the thorns skill, I chose him for the mana cost and if I faced a mustang I could apply good damage with thorns.

Furious Chicken - Always present when I run out of mana and I have an empty slot, it serves exclusively to take hits instead of my main cards.

Creeping Ooze - I use it whenever possible, it serves to absorb damage and slow enemies.

Wood Nymph - The star of the match, one of the best green supports, has tank heal helping your tank to stay firm in its position, has a low cost and combined with the new summoner can even apply good damage.

Khmer Princess - Very cheap unit costs only 2 mana, its damage is low but combined with the summoner it can apply good hits.

Djinn Biljka - Another cheap unit with magic damage to complete my deck, low damage at lvl 1 but it gets pretty strong with the summoner bonus.


The Battle



The round starts, my strategy worked, it remained to be seen if my Venari Knifer would survive the round, because I knew that my magic damage would defeat the opponent's tank very quickly, luckily my Venari Knifer was left with 1 HP and survived the first round .


My victory is already very close, even with my tank falling right at the beginning of the round my magic attacks destroy two opponent cards quickly, leaving only the ranged that can't do anything in first position.


Finally the victory came, the opponent's remaining card could not do anything, it was just waiting for the result.

It was a very smooth game practically decided in the first round, the tank heal helped my Venari Knifer to stay alive for at least one round, and the opponent's cards had very little health and no effective protection against magic, the result came after 3 rounds .

Once again I am very happy to participate in the splinterlands events on hive and I appreciate all the encouragement I receive to post in the community.

Thank you and see you next time!


Game Link: Splinterlands

Battle Link: Zallin Vs. Thanhbb182

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