By Zallin | Zallin | 19 Jan 2022


Oww let's go to another edition of Share Your Battle this time the star is the Feral Spirit card it is common and white released in the alpha and beta sets, participating in these events is being very nostalgic, I didn't buy this card and now that it's out of the free rotation I never played with it again, but I took advantage of the theme and rented one.




Feral Spirit is a common card with melee damage, has excellent speed and very low hp, its damage is almost harmless only increasing from lvl 4, uses sneak skill in all its levels, combined very well with SILVERSHIELD KNIGHT the inspire skill slightly increases your damage by strengthening your weakest stat.


My Team


I confess that I had difficulty finding a free team to use this card, I tried several combinations and they all resulted in defeats, because the new white summoner is more focused on ranged and because it is melee, it didn't get any bonus, it also doesn't have much resistance to stay like secondary tank, the best team I managed to form was this one.

LORNA SHINE - My Summoner, as my team was very fragile, your shield helped a lot, my opponent would need to hit at least 2x to defeat my cards.

PELACOR CONJURER - A good tank, extremely low cost, has excellent speed and has flying, it is very difficult to hit him with physical damage.

FURIOUS CHICKEN - Always present when I run out of mana and I have an empty slot, it serves exclusively to take hits instead of my main cards.

FERAL SPIRIT - The team's star, manages to attack the opponent's unprotected line with good speed.

STITCH LEECH - The new version of Feral Spirit better in almost all attributes losing only in speed, has excellent damage for its mana cost.

HERBALIST - Ranged card with very low cost, I put it to complete the team.


The Battle


Luck didn't help me much, I thought my tank would be able to hold it much longer, but at the end of the first round it already had 1 HP, my team missed several hits.


The round starts with my angel being defeated, and my chicken lost half of its health, luckily the main attacking opponent ended up with 1 HP.


Nothing much different my chicken dies right at the beginning and my star lost half of his HP in the middle of the round, luckily SERPENTINE SPY is defeated by Leech.


The match is balanced again with the fall of Feral Spirit and the opposing tank. I needed to defeat one more card and victory would be mine.


Now my victory is very close, the **CHAOS AGENT ** succumbed at the end of the turn leaving only a ranged card in the first position.




My opponent resisted for 3 rounds even though he had no chance of winning, I just had to wait for the end of the match.



It was a well balanced match this time, I thought I was going to lose again, I stopped counting how many attempts it took to win using Feral Spirit, but I enjoyed the challenge and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Have a nice day!😁


Game Link: Splinterlands

Battle Link: Zallin Vs. BirdBlack9

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