By Zallin | Zallin | 13 Dec 2021


I'm here to participate in Sharing Your Battle, this time the theme chosen was Dragon, I can use any card of this type, I've never played well with this color, but it is the most versatile among all others, losing only to neutral cards, with this in my mind almost always surprises opponents, making it almost impossible to predict the move.


My team





I had no doubts in choosing the team, knowing that the color green would not be available for this match, it was easy to know that it would be a match with a lot of physical damage, I took the risk focusing on armor and enough speed to be able to dodge attacks.



Drake of Arnak - My summoner has a good defensive bonus, helped a lot in battles with physical damage, as I was anticipating a battle of this type I had no doubts in choosing this summoner.



Dragon Spirit - My tank, as the combat was with cards with max 4 mana this dragon fell very well, he has an excellent speed that made him dodge several attacks and has a good HP.



Twilight Basilisk - The secondary tank, I had very few options for this position, he could attack in second position, got some armor thanks to the summoner and had a decent speed.



Stitch leeche - Chosen to damage the opponent's unprotected cards using the sneak ability.



Venari Spellsmith - I saw no use for this card, I put more to complete the team and enjoy the bonus of the match where he received the Sniper Skill.



Venari Crystalsmith - Excellent support, with a small damage and the match bonus can hit the opponent's vulnerable cards and even heal your tank if necessary.



Fire Spitter - Good ranged attack, with the ability to fly it can dodge very well if it is targeted by the opponent.


The Battle



I guessed that the battle would be physical, so everything went according to plan but as soon as the first Hits started, I realized it was going to be a balanced battle, but I was confident with the ability to fly and Fire Spitter's speed to dodge several hits.


The round starts with players losing one card each, right at the beginning of the round I managed to take down the blacksmith and practically at the end of the turn my Venari is defeated, ending well balanced.


The round starts with me at a disadvantage, my tank and Twilight Basilisk were completely neutralized in every round because of the opponent's healer, My main damage card Fire Spitter took two hits in a row but managed to dodge the fatal damage, soon after the Stitch leeche with his sneak finishes the opponent's griffin.


Now I started to see my victory, right at the beginning the Fire Spitter finishes the opponent's healer and soon after it dodges another hit, at the end of the round the opponent's last archer also falls.


Finally came the victory, even with a card still in play it was practically impossible for the opponent to win the game, it was just waiting for the tank to lose all HP to finally finish the game.



Final result


Well I thought it was a pretty cool game, betting on card with dodge always makes me nervous, I used the Fire Spitter right, it resisted 2 hits, dodged 3 times and caused a lot of damage, practically played alone as a tank and dps .

Battle Link: Zallin Vs. Lunaris

Game Link: Splinterlands

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