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Animated Corpse


By Zallin | Zallin | 7 Dec 2021


Hello play2earn players, this time I'm not here to post an art, I've always focused on the Splinterlands Art Contest! but this time I'll try to participate in the SHARE YOUR BATTLE event, I hope I did everything right and didn't forget any rules ^^.


Well, the card chosen for this week's challenge
was the Animated Corpse, an interesting card for low mana battles, it is Tank type and gets Void skill at LvL 4 making it a good defensive option against blue decks of magic.


My team

I confess that I had great problems using it, I lost a lot of battles and couldn't find a game that would help like a low mana game or one where cards with 4 or more mana are prohibited.


Contessa L’ament: I chose this Summoner for its debuff, always one or more enemy cards are affected by its ability.

Animated Corpse: My tank is the reason I'm here posting ^^, he's very good at low mana matches.

Furious Chicken: your objective is to take a beating, serves exclusively to absorb some damage, always present when there is a slot left.

Venari Bonesmith: I particularly like this card, it manages to gain some extra life points with its ability and can be a small secondary tank.

Death Elemental: I used more to complete the team, and can get cards protected by the opponent.

Gargoya Devil: I'm using this card a lot, it has good damage and can fight in first position if I need to.

Mantoid: Excellent card to deal damage to protected enemies, whenever possible I use it.


The Battle


Round 1 - When I saw the opponent's team I thought at the same time that I had lost again, I imagined my tank falling in the first round, but by some miracle he stayed alive ^^.


Round 2 - Yes this time the zombie couldn't take it and fell, the good thing was that I took down the opponent's healer, and my bonesmith was completely neutralized.


Round 3 - The round starts with the chicken and the bonesmith being torn apart, at that moment I had seen the defeat and pressed the skip button.


Round 4 - well... I had to press the replay to understand what happened, in that round my Death Elemental was destroyed.


Round 5 and 6 - Yes happened what I hadn't predicted Gargoya defeated Torhilo, his ability to attack from the front lines saved the match.


Round 7, 8 and 9 - After Torhilo was defeated, it was just a matter of watching Axemaster master lose all his HP and finally the victory came.


Final result

I really had difficulty finding a good combination of cards to use the Zombie, I didn't have cards leveled up so I went with almost everything lvl 1, I lost about 7 games until I won this one and I still won with luck ^^.
I liked the result of my first time participating in Share Your Battle I will certainly be here posting the next ones.


Battle Link: ZALLIN Vs. MRNICK2000

Game Link: Splinterlands

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