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Playing SplinterLands Game First Time Play to Earn

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 27 Feb 2022

I have been lately experimenting with many P2E games. Trying to look for Passive Income options.

I joined some of them including Rising Star Game which is on Hive Platform. Which doesn't require any investment from start to play.

When I joined the Hive Platform One of the Hot Topics there is this NFT P2E game called SplinterLands.
In fact, mostly the game onboard many people to hive blockchain and introduced to the hive.


This game is like our Native Trading Cards game where some cards have different abilities and Powers and the fight between these cards takes place. We start the Battle and create our own team of cards. After winning the battles we improve our levels and get some rewards as their token which we can exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

The Game is amongst the most famous games played on Hive and many people post their battles.

Journey of Splinterlands

I was new to hive about a Month I had noticed SplinterLands since then. I signup up and then took the demo practice to learn the game. But to Play the actual game I saw we have to buy a spellbook which cost about 10$.

That time I didn't have enough crypto to buy the Spellbook. So I kept writing the articles on Hive and some people have liked my article which helped me.
Thanks to @jongolson @acidyo @nathanmars and @solominer for your upvotes.
After about 2 months I was able to save 10$ totally from writing a post on Hive.

Finally felt like I had achieved some goals and then I bought SplinterLands SpellBooks totally from my own efforts.


Yeah finally now I can play the real battles with increasing trophies and all the perks with it.

After Purchasing I saw I have got some chests from the earlier Plays I was playing during practice. I opened those and Look what I got.

My first NFT card is called Exploding Rats and some credits which will help me in the future. And after then My final battling journey begins.

Battle Prep


There is a main summoner card which is the leader of other cards we gonna select. Different summoner cards have different abilities like Health, speed, and shield.


After Selecting a summoner card based on that we get our cards to select. Each one of them has its card size capacity which we call MANA. The game provides randomly MANA sometimes 30, 14,20, etc we have to select the cards accordingly.

After selecting all cards we start the battle. The summoner and the placement of cards should be placed strategically so that we could win. Then based on that, both cards have a fight and at last, someone wins the battle and we get trophies which we have to collect to get a good rank, chest, and their own token called DEC.

Here is the battle I won just now writing an article.


I am just trying to learn the game it takes time and effort. I am currently at Bronze III and the next target for Bronze II.

Mastering any game takes time, I have to learn all the abilities and techniques were to use the cards and place them.

There is so much to learn, I have just gotten to know common cards and there are so many new cards to play and explore with it. Many New events and tournaments take place and new decks of cards get launched frequently. Which makes excited many players. Very excited to play with new cards. But now I am going to improve my batteling skills and grow on the platforms.

If you also wanna play join with my referall link



My Other Earning Source :


Noise Cash : https://noise.cash/u/CyberCrypto Approx. 100$/month



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