My journey from starting till I surpass 100 followers on Publish0x. Increase in my earnings. Thank You all for supporting me.

Journey to reach 100 followers Milestone on Publish0x.

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 21 Jan 2022

In the pandemic, everyone suffered mentally, physically, and financially and everyone lost their jobs their source of income. And slowly the saving was also finishing up.
Of course these all situations apply only to Poor and Middle-Class people. Rich still tried to snatch everything from us even in a pandemic.

This drastic situation destroyed every middle-class family. Now the people started looking for income sources, be it anything they were ready to do.

Due to lockdown, many started to search for jobs from home. And many started to see ways to invest online so they can gain some returns on it.
This is the reason which led to a huge price jump in the world of the crypto world. Everyone was reading articles about that a man gained millions with crypto.

This is the same sentiment that led everyone to attract to the crypto world.

Now in search of Online work many cams to know about sites that pay crypto to write articles or do some other work.

In that lot of people, I am also the one who searches about working online.

The first website I got to know about it Publish0x, yes it was the first platform I entered.

On 4 Nov 2021, I joined Publish0x
I knew about crypto from earlier also have knowledge about it. So thought why not write some article on this Platform. Applied for authors and It got accepted and I begin my journey.

Well, I am not very professional in writing, so earlier I wrote a small article without explaining topics in much detail.

Just some main points and the finished article. When people started commenting and recognizing me. It made me feel that now I have the responsibility for others. They read and understand and should properly educate them.

Since then I am improving my articles each and every day, I chose to write about crypto as I know much about them. And within a week I generated about 0.5$ AMPL

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Yes, this was my first gift, I felt awesome when finally a website paid to cause many of them are fake. And I don't trust any, now I started writing more and people started engaging more on my post.


You may know I was absent for about 2 weeks, So I didn't really grow anywhere but after I returned I posted there, and Finally after 2 months. I reached my first milestone of 100 followers.
This is just the start and now there is a long journey ahead and very excited about it.

It felt good now that instead of wasting time scrolling mobile playing videos on youtube, You grow by yourself and increase your knowledge by building a social network. Overall your development of whole life.

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