Multiply /  Increase your first payment by Publish0x 0.5$ AMPL using Kucoin platform. Increase a little more amount than now.

Multiply you first payment 0.5$ AMPL by Publish0x through Kucoin platform. (Only for Necessary people)

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 13 Nov 2021

Disclaimer :- If you are new here Publish0x is a beatiful platform which pays to read and publish your articles with 0 investment. Many publishers work hard to write articles and finally one day they get their payment which is 0.5$ AMPL. 

Further iam going to show how to multiply that money instead of just sitting in the Kucoin Account. These article is only for those people who need to increase the very low amount
instead of just keeping the funds. Lets Go


Most of our friends came to earn some money either sending the tips or publishing the blogs.




Thanks for Publish0x for providing this platform and keeping lowest 0.5$ withdraw rate.

After our constant efforts we make finally 0.5$ and withdraw it with Kucoin and we should recieve within a week.


PS:- Its not my Screenshot

Here im gonna tell you how to increase that money  further so lets go.


1. After receiving money in the kucoin.

2. Visit Kucoin and view how much balance you receive.


3. Go to trading section and set password for trading.


4. Once you setup the password you can go transfer you funds from main account to trading account.

5. As low as 0.001$ AMPL you can transfer no problem.

6. Now we are goona start the trading and wanted to make some more bucks.

7. Sell the AMPL when it up  than 1$ USDT,

8. Always set the limit dont buy at market rate.

9. By this way you now have USDT


10. Now you have to buy AMPL or any Other coin which has good fundamentals and recently fall down.

11. Similarly set the  limits you required and buy and sell this coins to make profits.


Profits will b less but at-least instead of just sitting the money their you can increase it.

Again this is not for people who are rich and  do insane trading with huge amount. This is for people like me who want to just earn anything as low as 0.5$.

If you are one of the rich dudes you can pay me high tips. : ] 

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If you dont have Kucoin account 

Create one from here {Yes its a referal link it would support me no loss for you}

Kucoin Signup


Thank You



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