Buying my first NFT

Buyed Cattos NFT on SmartBCH

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 18 Jan 2022

NFT were around the world from very earlier, Probably nearly about 2017. Many of them didn't realize that time how world-changing it's going to be.

Until 2021, when NFT's just surged like crazy and many famous people launching and buying their NFT's.

Most of the Famous NFT's are Boredape, CryptoPunks, etc which were available on the Opensea market. But the problem for me to buy is the prices of NFT, They were so the thing that no normal person can those NFT, even if you save for NFT, they are created on Ethereum Blockchain which will rip you with their transaction fees.

I stayed away from it, there are much better things to do instead of losing all money.
Well, on SmartBCH too many new NFT were launching.

And our NFT marketplace is launched on SmartBCH which is fully decentralized. Here we can Launch, Buy and Sell NFT's with BCH tokens.

UI is so smooth and very user-friendly, Many good NFT launched their like THRONES: Queens, LAW punks, etc.

I wasn't buying it but just keeping an eye, Until yesterday I got to know about NFT called Cattos NFT and to mint the NFT the price was around 0.082 BCH, Earlier thoughts were not to buy it, I also had only 5$ in my wallet, I don't know what came into my mind I decided to buy it. Hopefully, I get some good rare NFT.

Paid the BCH minted NFT, it told me to check on, I visited and under my asset, I saw my NFT.
This was my Second NFT the First NFT was gifted by my friend @nomadghada .
This NFT is first I bought with my own money. Looks Cool Have a look.


Some Traits of my NFT are :

Name : Cattos #4907

Face : zombie

tee : solana

mouth: mouth_peach

eyes: Black

Hair: PaleBrown

earrings: White

headgear :crown

eyewear: Mask

beard: WhitePlain

extra: Cig

While reading about my NFT, I got to know about The NFT's were made by @NakamotoBch What!!!!
It was a surprise for me I didn't know about that. It's great to know I bought NFT from whom I look up to. That also makes this NFT special.

Let me know how my NFT looks, and Did you like it.
Now I might Flex like others doing on their social media accounts LOL.

This as my experience buying my first NFT in #SmartBCH on Very affordable to buy as transaction fees are negligible and doesn't feel we are paying for any transaction. Overall experience was awesome just that I need to see my NFT rarity and will look where it stands.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advise to buy any NFT nor promote for any investment. This just my experience buying an NFT. DYOR for any investment.

Thank You


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