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XRP EW Update 18/03/2023 Running Out Of Time.....

Good morning,

Today is March 18th, XRP price is sitting at around 37 cents - certainly disappointing.

According to my big picture count XRP needs to print a higher high before April 19th - so that is a bit more then a month away. XRP is famous for doing explosive price moves though, well ... we certainly need one of those.

Count wise it remains possible, we have a potential leading diagonal in the "A" position, and we could be in finishing our "B" wave soon - then we need a very powerful C wave.  Not some shitty impulse with big retraces in the initial phase, but something very powerful. Some hope left but we should see a meaningful reversal in the next couple of days.  If not we may get a lower low to reset the counter & we can start all over again.

Let me take a look at the recent price action, because so far there is absolutely no sign of a powerful impulse, as I pointed out on my Twitter a couple of days ago, the only bullish potential I see right now is that of a triangle in the "Y" position. That scenario remains on the table as follows: 


If we are in a triangle it is most likely a barrier triangle and it still in progress and needs to provide us the (e) wave - after that we should explode. 

I am ending with the big picture :


Well that's all for now, have a good weekend.

Lots of Love


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XRP EW Price Prediction by Xenne van der linde
XRP EW Price Prediction by Xenne van der linde

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