XRP EW Update 13/09/2023 Upward diagonal count, Update

Good morning,

What I expected in my previous update played out, XRP price did go lower and gave us a lower low :


Not much has changed on the chart, I assume we are in wave 4 of our diagonal, and right now in wave (c) of 4. Check my previous posts for a better overview of the bigger picture. A lower degree fourth wave finished late August and was followed by five waves down, this could have been a truncated bottom - however it was not. It was followed by a long sideways 2nd wave, and this week we got our 3rd wave down giving us that lower low. The recent bounce is most likely a lower degree 4th wave, expect it to be short alternating with the long second wave. So if all of this is correct there is only one wave down missing. That wave down could provide another lower low, but it can also truncate, but keep in mind that it must be possible to draw a line from wave 2 to 4 without cutting candles, so a lower low is likely imho. In our recent decline it appears that wave i > wave iii, so that would mean that wave v would be the shortest of the sequence. I will let you do the calculation this time but I don't think we can go much lower then 0,442 on my exchange neutral chart.

That's all for now, I hope we can print that important low one of these days!

Good luck!



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XRP EW Price Prediction by Xenne van der linde
XRP EW Price Prediction by Xenne van der linde

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