ChangeNOW AMA Recap With Maria Karola - CMO of Guarda Wallet

ChangeNOW AMA Recap With Maria Karola - CMO of Guarda Wallet

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 7 Jul 2020

This article is a recap of the recent AMA session between the changeNOW Community and Maria Karola - CMO of Guarda Wallet.  The session took place in ChangeNOW's Telegram Group and on the 3rd of July 2020

The following text was edited for clarity.


Jeremy: Hello @kaizerwhatever!

Marija: Hey everyone! Great to be here with you!

Jeremy: Thank you for joining us today!
So, let's start with the background!

Q: Could you please tell us a bit more about yourself: what are your interests and hobbies, how did you become familiar with crypto, and how did you join Guarda team?

Sure thing! Love me a little background check   My interests and hobbies are pretty diverse tbh – was doing music before crypto for a long time, writing here and there as a journalist, working as a translator for a while. Nothing related to crypto that much. Then my friend asked me whether I would like to work for a crypto company as a copywriter and here we are ;)   Well, some years have passed  

Jeremy: Oh, so you've joined crypto and Guarda team at once!  

Marija: Yup!  

Questions From The Live Session

 Q: What are the main features that make Guarda special and what are the main achievements of the team now?  

Oh, there are quite some. First of all, platforms – there are no other multi-currency wallets with this many versions right now, which is pretty cool
Coins support, too – we have about 50 blockchain supported at the moment + the tokens. Non-custodial, with purchase and exchange options available (kudos ChangeNOW) All of those are team achievements!

Jeremy: That's cool! I use your Chrome extension, for example. Not many wallets have it.

Marija: Great to have you with us ;)

Jeremy: And the token generator is awesome 

Q: What are you planning for Guarda now? Can you share any news or info about the upcoming updates with us?
Guarda 2.0, for example. :blush:

Oh, the future's pretty bright ;) First of all – support more currencies. We have been adding new ones like crazy recently and it seems to be going great
Extending the wallet functionality of course. Guarda 2.0 will be a pretty big thing for sure. Big changes for Mobile!

Q: Today Trust and Atomic dominate the community of mobile wallets, what are the advantages that GuardaWallet has to consider itself a -so good option- over these and be at their level? Do you have plans to launch your own TOKEN?

Hey! Guarda's advantages are not only in Mobile – this is the main distinction. We have more variety and versatility than Trust or Atomic from the point of platform and assets offering. Now, with staking features, exchanges, purchases, currency-specific perks and so on it's even more visible
Thanks for the question!

Q: I am a developer, I started a few months ago, I would like to know if you have bug bounty programs or hacking competitions that allow you to test the security of GUARDA wallet?

Hey hey! Actually, we hold the bounties from time to time in our GitHub. You can take a look!

Q: I see that you have different versions of wallets for different devices, I would like you to clarify if all of these are equally safe? How is GuardaWallet financed? or are you a volunteer developer? important to know

Heya! Great question
Yes, those are equally safe as we are developing them all at once and use unified encryption technologies for the backups :) Also, we are self-funded

Q: Guarda 2.0 is coming soon and the beta testing is live. What are the major upgrades in Guarda 2.0 and How user friendly is that; as a newbie to the crypto field can I use it easily??

Oh! Glad to talk about 2.0! There are so many changes. First of all, a redesign for Guarda to be even more friendly. More options for features, more convenient flow, more new partners for this version. ugh! so yeah, you should try it out!

Q: What has been the most challenging part of the development of the Guarda Wallet ecosystem?

Ugh! Adding new currencies from time to time when it's challenging. Monero XMR, for instance, required quite some attention. Hardware wallet integration as well

Q; I am a crypto holder and I only care about the security of a wallet that I choose, tell me the reason why I should choose Guarda Wallet over the existing one? What is your wallet advantage that can convince me to change from my favorite wallet?

You can always use Guarda and Ledger together, for instance. Enhancing both security and convenience

Q: What is the future of security on the side of cryptocurrency wallets? and more importantly, is Guarda Wallet at the forefront of innovation?

Always striving to be at the forefront. Security is crucial – I think the main point is always remaining non-custodial, staying up to date with the technologies, and offer more options. Hardware storage is one of them, too

Q: I think your main target is beat trust wallet:relieved: I'm I correct & do you think you can reach it before 2022?

Not going to beat anyone for sure hahaha, this is a shared space and getting to the front of the line is, though, definitely a goal

Q; What kind of things you have done to popular crypto usage with new users as a Crypto wallet, Is there any On-Web tutorials for newbies?

Love this question! You can always send your questions over to us on the social networks, reach us directly in TG, read the blog or Medium, check the videos and podcasts – everything to make your crypto journey easier!

Q: Marija, I read that you are one of the speakers during the Great Voyage: #TRON  4.0, global release online conference. :+1: what exactly are you doing there? 🤓

Oh yeah! I am indeed. It was great to be invited. I will... Well... Give a speech there.

Q: On a survey conducted online people admitted that they will use a service if the support was super responsive, how do you rate your SUPPORT WHEN handling issues of users and customers. Does Guarda have plans for DEX Integration?

Oh, our support is the best. The guys have an amazing response time of 5 mins and can answer all your questions 24/7

Q: What are your plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand GuardaWallet and its technology?

I think the main idea is ALWAYS TALK. We are ready to communicate, show, answer all the questions – this is one of the most important aspects of education for any kind of product, even outside crypto. So don't hesitate to reach out!

Q: Does Guarda wallet has other function beside function of wallet?

Yeah, of course. The wallet is the first one, obviously. But you can buy, exchange, stake crypto, modify the wallets we have in GitHub, create your own tokens, and more!

Q: Do you have any plans to support dapps?

Depends on what do you mean, exactly. Our Chrome Extension already allows us to work with dapps :)

Q: Blockchain is a rapidly-changing industry. Can Guarda Wallet’s infrastructure design be promptly changed to be suitable with new blockchain updates?

Oh yeah, of course! We always stay up-to-date with the new things happening and update our own infrastructure :)

Q: Do you have any plans to make bank cards available to help users spend their crypto-asset easily in their real-life?

Have been thinking about getting the card in, of course. Would be interesting to get an integration like this, but not in the nearest future maybe

Q: While checking Guarda wallet, I didn't see any Staking Feature there! So, Do you have any Plans for Implementing Staking Feature in Guarda wallet where we can stake our Funds?

We have added Staking on the Web version! Check it out and try!


Some Questions From Twitter

Q: Can you list 1-3 killer features of GuardaWallet that make it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Thanks for the questions!
1. Platforms
2. Number of coins
3. Number of integrations

Those are the coolest ones so far, just check in your wallets!

Q: What requirements must a currency have to be included in Guarda Wallet?

Well, we usually pick the projects with the strongest communities. If you have some particular coin in mind, you can always fill up the listing request on the website or just ping us directly by email – we love all the messages from the users about coin listing!

Q: Why is your wallet name "Guarda"? Does it have any special meaning?

Guarda is a guard in Portuguese. This co-relation is the most obvious one, I believe. It's not like we're from Portugal or Brazil, but it's a great name haha

 Q: What are your best products? And what’s special about them?  

I love Shielded ZEC app! It was launched on Mainnet during Zcon1 conference and it was a great time. Try it out if you're into Zcash and privacy, too  

Q: What is your long-term vision for the industry Guarda Wallet is working on? Are you worried that one day there will be another project with more innovative technologies that can replace Guarda Wallet?  

You know, Cryptocurrency space is maturing very quickly and it's a great process to witness. It is still enough crazy to keep it going, but also there are more important things to think about – regulations, laws and so on. So it's pretty exciting to be in the space at the moment. As for the replacement. Time shall tell! We will do everything for it not to happen though ;)  

Q: Do Guarda Wallet have any plans to partner with any exchange?  

We have a great partnership with ChangeNOW, obviously. Maybe the next step will be getting an exchange aggregator in. Now I'm also working with Swapzone, which is an instant exchange aggregator – would be cool to have a collab of all my fave projects. You can check them out  

Jeremy; Thank you Marija for all your amazing answers!

Marija: Absolutely my pleasure to be here with you!

Jeremy: How can we follow the progress of your projects?

Marija: Guarda Wallet always here for you:


Waiting for you there!


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