Is "LISK" Dying Cryptocurrency ?

                               WHAT IS LISK


Lisk is right now the 48th on coinmarketcap its a platform for decentralized applications to launch on top of so lisk is competing with projects like EOS and ethereum and neo and tron all of the all the block chains basically list does have some unique aspects blah blah blah u can read on website.

So first comes to website



They are really trying to simplify things which I do like I thought this was cool this makes it easy for developers to build and deploy gaps in JavaScript and so-and-so Lisk you know right out of the gate really wanted to make it apparent for people that you know they wanted to make development on it as easy as possible you know but by allowing people to use languages like JavaScript and I'm if I'm not mistaken I think you're able to use like pretty much all common languages you can code applications on lists gone which is cool and they got a pretty kick-ass website you know just sort of showing how it works application sidechain maintained.




One cool aspect of Lisk is if you do launch a decentralized application on Lisk every DAP has their own sidechain to themselves so you're not crowding excuse me you're not crowding up the main chain I do think that's a cool approach.


Nonetheless website is super super informative if you guys ever come on and check it out come check it out so here's the app I want to show you guys for Lisk that they had recently launched so it's just an official you know their official mobile wallet some cool screens they've got they got good design elements in it.




It's designed for regular people and then review says ready I don't know this is true haven't used it but it says you have to enter the twelve words seeds every time to open the wallet if that's true that's really bad actually that's terrible if that is true so I'll have to confirm that for you guys and check it out.

So this is crucial so I went here on the list Help Center and I'm looking at the fees associated with using lisk because I think that's a big standard for me when evaluating projects if there are fees why and if there are fees what are they so the outgoing transaction fees for list is point one Lisk and that this is actually I did to confirm it on their block Explorer.




I think any applications that scale are gonna be tough as long as you have consumers and users paying the fees as opposed to either inflation or the developers but even that why would the developers want to pay the fees if they're not you know really monetizing in a kick-ass way and making a ton more money than they paid.





I think that there's things to like I said the fact that you can use a range of programming languages the fact that

the chains already launched the fact that the CEO and the people working on it seem to be pretty open and

transparent you know it seems to be designed like you know with with appealing to like a heart excuse me a high

number of people in mind right like I said because of the general programming languages there are fees that's not

so good so so for me I don't know overall I've sort of a have a net not negative view on lists but again there's too

many things that for me aren't aren't proven yet and I think it's time goes on as these as these base protocols are

competing with each other as the gap widens between ones that are used more often who have better funding

without fees I think it's going to be harder and harder for other projects to compete with those.


I think lisk and the development community is not as strong I'd say as other are the more popular projects like

ETHEREUM and EOS and NEO. I don't see as much chatter and as much really going on about new things coming

out new developments.









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