Steemmonsters/Splinterlands- Beginner's Guide Part 2

Steemmonsters/Splinterlands- Beginner's Guide Part 2

In this post we will look into the type of cards players can use when in battle.

In no particular order the breakdown starts with (6) splinters and neutral splinter.  Second is the edition of the card.  Then there are (2) category types to use in every battle. Finally there are (4) card rarities.


  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Death
  • Life
  • Dragon
  • Neutral


  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Untamed
  • Reward
  • Promo

Category Types

  • Summoners
  • Monsters


  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary


Splinter Types


Each splinter has its strengths and weaknesses because each splinter has their own monster types.  On top rarities of monsters in each splinter is slightly different.  One can not mix splinters in battle with two exceptions.  The dragon splinter is allowed to go with any other splinter and neutral cards.  The other exception is neutral cards can be used with any other splinter.


Fire summoners are aggressive in nature. Options are to go with +1 melee attack or +1 speed is most common.  For monsters they are the same, aggressive.  Multiple monsters have high melee attack stats but lack the toughness stats and mostly low health stats.  Players who want to make the kill first in battle would likely lean toward fire splinter.


Water summoners are magical in that most common are the +1 magic attack or -1 magic attack.  For monsters there is a range of selections with magic attack but also some defensive and melee attack monsters.  The benefit of magic attack is they are direct hits to opponent's monster health.  Players who want to get to their opponents precise and direct would lean toward the water splinter.


Earth summoners by nature are most common for +1 health or -2 toughness.  For monsters there is high health stats but middle to low melee attack and a low to no toughness.  Players who want to prolong a match in order to apply abilities or attack more would lean towards earth splinter.


Death summoners by nature are most common for -1 melee or -1 range attack.  The monsters are mostly low in attack stats that range mostly in melee and magic, and lack any toughness stats.  However they make up for it to be slightly faster in speed.  Players who prefer to attack first in rapid successions by having multiple monsters attacking in a round would lean towards death splinter.


Life summoners by nature are defense and most common are the +1 toughness or -1 health.  The monsters are mostly with some toughness stats to extend the match.  Players who want to stay alive the longest and be as defensive as possible would lean toward life splinter.


Dragon summoners are mostly attackers whether +1 magic, +1 melee, or +1 range attack.  The monsters are also mixed with mostly all three types of attacks and mixed in toughness and health stats.  The splinter works well to compliment one of the other five splinters.


As the name is given there is no one strength with neutral.  It has multiple cards that will compliment any splinter as it versatile.  There is currently no summoners in neutral splinter.

Card Editions


Alpha and Beta are the same cards except that Beta has lower value therefore require more cards to level up. Beta version also introduces neutral monsters.

Untamed cards are the newest and different from both Alpha and Beta. They are also worth less than that of any of the cards when burned for internal game token DEC.

Reward cards are earned when players complete quests and at the end of a season, which ends every two weeks.  The player's ranks will depend on how many reward cards they earn.  The cards are worth in DEC similar to Beta versions.

Promo cards are from either promotion events or orbs that can be bought through the game.  There are limited orbs avliable for purchase but currently players can still purchase them at 2500 DEC each.  Each orb contains five cards.

One other note is gold foil cards exists in all five editions. Gold foils are worth more when burn to DEC and can earn a player more DEC when used in matches that they win.

Categories Types

351665157-a9db2795f6d02b5e20982ed1bb094599d2ad0c4354ce302083c267710f8d7899.jpeg  351665157-97416327d9fa00fb286c53c5d7e7d5bfc1fa31eacb9b7c4dd02bf1c90d7f49b8.jpeg


The most important type of cards. Without them you can not play a battle.  Every battle requires only one summoner.  The leveling up of summoner is also important as it limits players on what monster levels they can use.  The higher the summoner level the higher the monster levels they can play with.


Monsters are needed in battle to attack and the monsters that stay alive before their opponent's monsters are declare the victor.  There are a lot of monsters per each splinter and they each have their own advantageous and disadvantages.




The most amount of cards produced are commons but they also require the most cards to level up to the highest level. Commons max level is 10.


The second most common cards produced so less in quantities than commons.  Their max level is up to level 8.


The second most scarce cards produced so their quantities is even less than rares.  Their max level is up to level 6.


The most rarest of the four rarities so less amount of cards produced with max level up to level 4.

To make it a collectable game one does not have to look any further than gold foils which is even more scarce as you go up the rarities.

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