How To Win At Medium
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How To Win At Medium

By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 21 Jun 2021

It’s quite easy! No, really!

You’ve been writing, writing and writing. You deserve some results. They have to come, right?

Hence, here is the 5-step master plan to winning at Medium

Step 1: Learn Python

It’s a great starter language. Lots of different courses can be found within the various crevasses of the “interwebs”. Stretch those writing muscles, as you’re now going to start mashing out code.

Step 2: Buy a Raspberry Pi

You can find them at any corner… online store. Can’t afford the hefty $30 price tag? No worries, just make your way to your nearest city streets and aimlessly wander until you have collected enough loose change.

That or, you know, perform for your money where there isn’t any “obvious” no loitering signage.

Step 3: Write your Story-Generating AI

Now that you’ve finally gotten that hard-earned $30 and your purchased Raspberry Pi… time to get to work. Set up your rig. Get that epic Python IDE of your choice up and running. Make that AI.

It’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t pull out your hair sooner!

Step 4: Connect your AI to your Medium Account

Pretty straightforward. You’ve got your ready-to-write AI. Now, just give the AI your developer API, your credentials, your bank account and tax information. You can trust the AI, because you made it.

It won’t have second thoughts or someday develop its own consciousness or anything of the sort…

Step 5: Profit… and maybe more Profit

You’ve done it. The AI is publishing articles left, right and center. Your views are going through the roof because almost every other article on Medium is yours.

Every other writer is mad at you. Bashing you in the comments. Begging the Medium developers to initiate some sort of downvoting system to drag your articles to the bottoms of the site.

But, it’s fine. You’re the King (or Queen) of Medium now.

Maybe it’s time to maybe another Python AI for YouTube content as well?

Disclaimer: This article is for humorous purposes only. An AI generating a constant flow of content might not guarantee views and/or a steady flow of income. One Raspberry Pi might not be enough to run an Article-Writing AI.

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