Your web searches can save the Earth. Here's how.

Your web searches can save the Earth. Here's how.

By Basalt | WritingOnTrains | 9 May 2020

Plant trees by using your search engine. 

Let’s talk about something other than crypto for a second. Let’s talk about saving the world. After all, no amount of bitcoin (which is environmentally damaging, btw) matter if all anyone can think about is how to survive the harsh climate.


Image taken from the Economist (took me a second, but look a while longer. You'll get it.)

Ecosia is a search engine, just like Google. Unlike Google, however, your search results fund their tree planting efforts around the world.

What is Ecosia?


A certified B Corporation entity, that uses at least 80% of its monthly profits to plant trees where they are needed around the world – 

in Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Peru, Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and many more countries.


We lose an estimated 18 million acres(7.3 million hectares) of forests each year, and that number is increasing.

Let’s skip the boring math. 

Here’s a simple equation:


No (or diminishing numbers of) trees/mangroves EQUALS TO

> not enough oxygen for you to breath 

> increased floods and landslides

> lesser jobs

> increased skin cancer cases

> you will get hotter and hotter. Every day.


More links to support this : or

How do my web searches help save the world?

Users click on ads, which generate revenue for Ecosia, which is paid by the advertiser.

At least 80 percent of its monthly profits go into planting trees.


But what if I don’t really click on ads?

Even if you use an ad blocker or never click on ads, you still contribute to the movement by increasing the number of Ecosia users. The more monthly active users Ecosia has, the more relevant it becomes to advertisers.

Is Ecosia legit?

This excellent video helps a lot to alleviate your concerns. All credit to Our Changing Climate.

How do I get started?

Use the extension. Supports Brave Browser just fine.

Other browsers?

Using Ecosia replaces Brave's default new tab page. That removes the sponsored image feature, as well as Binance's trading widget. There are also search engines like Presearch, which rewards the user in cryptocurrency when you make a search with it.

I'll leave it up to you to decide which one to use. For me, the loss of a new tab page with a trading widget is a small tradeoff. You would still get Brave's ad popups. So you get to make searches with Ecosia and plant trees, and ads pop up for you to click to earn BAT. 

Everyone wins.


Let's be real. The world is changing. And it will change even more. You use a search engine anyway. Why not use one that saves the world while you search for the next new exciting crypto?


Thank you for your time and attention. Support Ecosia and their work :)



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