Let's Go Banano - For a Year Now

Let's Go Banano - For a Year Now

By Hermitworldwide | Writing contests | 28 Nov 2021


My Banano Trip

Round about a year ago I started getting serious with the whole article writing thing and that's how I stumbled upon Banano on publish0x. I however already had known about banano round about another year back a dear friend of mine send me some crypto "beer money". It didn't mean much to me then, as I got more involved in the space and banano also grew, I started getting notifications of free ban and NFTs. Even winning some contest, that i forgot about - what I remember is that I had a choice between an NFT and some ban. I chose the NFT. so now I'm coming for the ban. Being in this space, though knowing that the NFTs and ban would eventually get valued, I was in it for the fun and the occasional show of love from the other monkeys. The potassium pump has been crazy. I seriously had a few thoughts of the survival of the project because it was massive and on point, the updates and all the perks had been on point all along. Just that whole potassium rush, was a lot and all over the place. It was here on publish0x, it was over at lbry, steemit, upptrend, read.cash, twitter and all over the place. I just thought this project needed to be funded by some loaded monkey out there with both peeled and unpeeled stacks of  bananos. 

A few months after getting involved with banano, we had a fallout because I had stepped on too many banano peels and tripped. This would be the most profound involvement with banano in the longest time. What I could do in this down time was read on the headlines of banano from here and the groups. I of course like, 100% tip, comment and engage. however, I haven't taken part in any contest in a long while. I also do not expect much from this one because banano was never about the money. Its like my whole NFT collection, I got some periodic table elements NFTS, chemical compound NFTs and much more on my WAX -   b1rqw.wam

The Peel Slip Forth

In my absence from the contests and the game arena concerning banano did not cause me to keep the knowledge to myself. As I always share crypto staff, I get clear about the NFTs and ban depending on if I'm talking to a monkey banano loving personality. They are pretty rare to come by, most are the cool goofy type and I just love them. I share my NFTs with these ones. I'm glad that banano is on the exchanges, valued and the NFTs have monetary value now and the $0.01666644 will be something else in the next few years. Im betting on banano and setting out a trade because I like the energy around banano. It will definitely take some time, however by the time it gets to $0.01, then $0.10 then $1.00. Just the imagination of the possibilites of that explosion and its only a dollar. This dollar means a lot, its like x1000, this is a whole mindset. Being involved in crypto, I have grown different people who have made much more than me at this moment and I'm loving it because its a mindset that I have accumulated and still growing so I keep inspiring more people ro join crypto in mining, farming, gaming, music, art, trading, its all up to them where they can get involved. hodling is a major up! otherwise all that I get from the market I give to the world to grow so we all grow and the world keeps giving me more until I tap out,

The Yellow paper

The fun in the potassium space is just as energetic as the aim. the best side of it is that its not all that serious, if you check the 2nd page you find a clipshot just to affirm that banano is like by Colin LeMahieu, Nano Founder. Pretty interesting, whats more is that banano is very powerful, more than the mighty BTC and at what cost? Banano is totally free of transaction fees unlike BTC that can gas you! If you know, you know! Now with out of the way, oh wait, some of you will not check out the yellowpaper so I'll show you!



Don't mind the many tabs open in the background. The point here is about just how powerful these meme assets cryptography are. The more time passes the better and higher we get. For this reason I love sharing our cryptoverse, especially focused on the growth of the cryptoverse. People's lives are getting better because of the simple inclusion of crypto projects in their live and it doesn't matter how they got the knowledge, as long as they can keep passing the hope to the hopeless, feeding their dreams and powering up their visions and missions. We keep it moving, that's the narrative for sure but as we know very well that the house always wins, we must do our best in this space that as we have rooted out the scams and tailored our own favorable projects into form, we now make sure that the house wins these projects that will guarantee blockchain mass adoption worldwide. What this really means is that the cryptoverse will continue growing and proving that it is worthy, I own my fair share of this space and I will keep getting more, now the idea is to get it to the guy who is convinced its a scam- how else can you do that without the help of the house - for the good of all and harm to none. True unity in growth and expansion.

Some of the biggest projects and creations in the world start like a joke, banano too started like a joke between a devoted group of NANO contributors. Then it comes down to banano peels, whole tree roots with natrium , strong trunk holding the banano tree up with memes and jokes, contests and games for which the faucets are made. A bit sounding off and to the mundane it all sounds like woo-woo but all they need is some potassium ( the lack of which inspired hypokalemia). Because of privacy, another layer was inspired and thus gave birth to Camo Banano   Seriously, check this one out because you can even share it which is the actual idea behind camo Banano to be able to interact with more accounts while keeping it stealth. . . .


Its amazing that we have manifested this space, powering up the metaverse. Imagine how explosive banano in the metaverse will be, pure bananos!!! 

Banano is integrated into minecraft to mention just one of the amazing projects that the banano community members have done. Every single part of creation matters and serves a purpose, even in denial or in sabotage and damage. That damaged or a joke of a component does come in very handy in the game because there is no end, it will keep going. Especially with the metaverse involvement, Its the best thing we are putting together as human beings with just bodies and minds. We are really bridging the Spirit/Human mind/body connection. 

BANANO is the first peel of the NANO cryptocurrency and adheres to the open-source spirit. In the figure above, NANO in its raw form is remodelled through a combination of proof-of-work optimisation and potassium doping, resulting in unprecedented performance.

" BANANO is the first peel of the NANO cryptocurrency and adheres to the open-source spirit. In the figure above, NANO in its raw form is remodelled through a combination of proof-of-work optimisation and potassium doping, resulting in unprecedented performance."

The monkeys are hard at work. Unlike most people with that 9-5, the do not work mad, they are all smiles. These super monkeys work all day everyday because that's the life they know. They are paid in potassium derived from the banano in their wallets. You too can get your very own Killium wallet! thats the mobile wallet. Here's the desktop! You can also get yourself a nano ledger, its highly recommended that you only get a nano ledger from the origional site and first hand.

While on these wallets and balances, I got a crazy ban blance, theres a story to it though - I just kept getting the airdrops now I haven't accessed my ban wallet in a while. Its been so long since I've checked, it was way back when the idea of wallets was just coming into form. yeah, its one of those things that happen for whatever reason. I'll let it be for another year and see what will become of these NFTs and ban_. If you had interests or intentions of sending me some ban, had I posted my ban address here then please just send NFTs - my WAX -   b1rqw.wam - Trully appreciated! May the force be with you!


The benefits of reading these project papers is that you get to dive into the teams' mindsets, its like reading a book - the author is always right there next to you. Earlier I had a pressing issue with all these projects popping up like a joke, succeeding however I remained puzzled at how they are able to afford all those perks with a team and so many other things to pay for. I finally got a bit of my answer. Here's my rough mixplanation.


To achieve lightening fast feeless transfer speeds, Banano uses a block lettuce. Full transaction history requires more resources and more time on the single blockchains compare to a block lettuce which I am surprised its not called a block peel. All that's needed in these lightning fast transactions is the sending account from which the balance is deducted and the receiving account into which the deducted banano will be added to. The account will then encodes the total balance. That's all that's needed to have fast feeless, transactions. 


That's how it felt, ( a burst of colours) as I found out that its all actually very easy! Which was a split second from the biggest lie ever told "its not that simple".

Now what's more?

There is so much more that you can do just with banano and not go out into the whole cryptoverse to get so much done.

Lets get into a bit more of these cool staff!

Bananodes - portals of transactions PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake)

Proof of work - Banano uses 8x less electricity and being 8 x more efficient and faster than Nano tech, find out more 

More about monkeys - each monkey is unique to a wallet address

All these and more is available for you to read with yellow potassium-rich background here.


More benefits.




Banano Miner


Black Monkey









Peels, all over the place - peels. Don't slip n fall please!



That's it!

It feels good, banano!

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