Graphics cards and mining

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I have been lost for a while and have not uploaded any post and i am sorry for the absence. 

In my previous articles i dealt with gymnastics, especially calisthenics, and generally with body and mental health. As I was surfing on the web and trying to find parts to upgrade my computer build, I noticed that graphics cards' prices have gone mad and are worthless to buy! This was really unexpected for me and could not believe it. I wondered what could have be done for this huge increase and directly I started to search the reasons, which I am writting them done in this article in case you have been wondering too.

So, the main reasons are two. In one hand, the introduction of new generations of gpu (graphics cards), their low production rate in combination with their high demand and in the other, the constantly increasing amount of mining cryptocoins and especially bitcoin.

The introduction of the new gens of gpu and epecially of the GeForce 30 series, which took place on September 1, 2020 and set September 17 as the official release date for the 3080 GPU, September 24 as the release date for the 3090 GPU and October for the 3070 GPU, and of Radeon RX 6000 series  ,on October 2020, brought the fall of prices for about one and a half month. Although, on the begining of december the prices started to run upwards and were picked on at the end of January. 

That was a result of the high demand for these new ,developed cards and at the same time their lack in number. The stocks were depleted and their sales were limited to the Americas temporarily and until the appropriate number was produced for the rest of the world. So, the old and the new gpu's was and are nowadays so rare and limited around the world that in order to get one you should spend even the twice their real value.

As you also know, Bitcoin's and famous cryptocoin's price over last monts were at least doubled and new cryptocurrencies are being featured day by day! This price spike in levels unprecedentedly led many people to buy funds and investing money but also to mine some with their existing computers or bying new ones for better results. Mining can be done with the use of processors or graphics cards. Because of grapgics cards' power and possibilities they are prefered on mining cryptocoins. This way, many people run to buy the best and most powerful market's gpu, or which were remained, to mine as many cryptos as they could and the result was the known problem of gpu's very high price. 

Thank you for your time, I hope to find it useful!

PS. Below im giving you some sites to find more detailed answers.


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