Would it be Good to Invest or not to Invest in Basic attension token this 2019?

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 12 Jun 2019


I do not know if BAT will be the best currency to buy in 2019. The world of cryptocurrencies is still very unstable and

therefore changing.




What if it is true that BAT in conjunction with BRAVE have a good project. In fact, my suggestion would be that before you

buy 1 single BAT currency, download your Brave browser, which is the platform that supports BAT.

When downloading the browser, get your wallet, if you have a cell phone download your application and evaluate it from your experience:

A) How do you feel with less ads?

B) When browsing and knowing that your connection is private, does it make a difference?

C) Does it make sense to you the statistics that it gives you of Blocked Trackers, Blocked Announcements, The greater use

of HTTPS and the time it saves you for blocking all these elements?

D) When compared against Chrome, Explorer, etc; Do you feel something different?


The great advantage of BRAVE is that you can already experience your product, draw conclusions as a user, and from your

experience project whether you have a future or not. There is no better Cryptocurrency to invest than what you think has a

long-term winning project.


In the case of BAT, the great advantage is that you can draw conclusions living the experience as a user, plus you can

compare each of the advantages offered by this browser compared to the competitions.




Make your own criteria and if you like, do not invest all your savings in this Cryptoactive, looking to save a fortnightly or

monthly fixed amount and start with them, keep informing yourself and even in the world of Cryptocurrency seeks to

diversify your risk.


Finally I remind you that I am not an investment expert and I only express my personal opinion, which is why

it is important to advise or research beyond this post.

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