Why is there an inclination that becomes stronger towards the games of chance and betting with Blockchain?

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 9 Oct 2019


The arrival of Blockchain technology has gradually opened new paths in our lives, and today its presence can be felt as never before, with Google's search trends showing new records and the capitalization of the collective cryptocurrency market at its level higher.



Market Cap



Google's search trends


This has led to new industries adopting Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to connect to an important part of users worldwide, with Gambling and Betting.


What is causing this boom?

The use of cryptocurrencies for Azar games is becoming a very accessible solution for casinos and other industry derivatives, either as a main payment system or as an alternative to fiat money based ones.

Well, they offer great advantages after applying the blockchain to these games:

- The first and great advantage is the Supervision, as the cryptocurrencies are not yet considered legal currencies and are not recognized by any state, this leads to the fact that not being recognized as currencies, no state can claim us taxes on any relevant gain thereto. In fact, they cannot because we are not making money, we are simply earning an exchangeable software code for real money.

- Also the use of cryptocurrencies allows the user to play anonymously, without the need to deliver copies of documents or even create an account, depending on the platform.

- Smaller rates and almost instantaneous deposit times have also made cryptocurrencies ideal for gambling, especially when it comes to small or medium movements.

- Finally, cryptocurrencies have also been able to make online gambling accessible again, providing a low entry barrier for new players and allowing them to bypass the game regulations that apply to the fiduciary only.

There are currently Great sites where we can appreciate the great acceptance of users towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the development of this industry that are changing their game rules, among them we could take a look at:








This is why it is firmly believed that the advantages of cryptocurrency bets offer many more possibilities to be winners without limits regardless of nationality, these are attractive enough for users who want to be great gamblers to really take their position in this industry that just It is taking its first steps and that in the future it will have its corresponding place.


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