Rare cryptocoins that you should know exist.

Rare cryptocoins that you should know exist.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 25 Jun 2019


The cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the world, and there are many alternatives to Bitcoin for all tastes. From the creation of some currency to pursue political ideals, to others for recreational purposes. Trump, Putin, the marijuana industry and even the erotic world have their own cryptocurrency.

To say since 2016 there is a Trumpcoin call, the virtual currency was launched by a fan of the president of the United States, Donald Trump to support his government helping him fight against false news and corruption. However, Trump has nothing to do with this. Trumpcoin (TRUMP) is not owned by the President but its platform is secure and advanced.
It currently has a value of $ 0.034642 and a capitalization of $ 228,788, due to a sharp drop since January 2018, when it was trading at $ 0.84.




PotCoin; This Allcoin was created in 2014, is used for the marijuana industry. The initiative was of three Canadians with the idea that PotCoin was the standard form of legal cannabis payment. It has a charity and a mobile application of its own, and was the pioneer in this market. Currently its value has deflated to 0.008303.



Sexcoin; His focus is pornography. According to its own creators, "it is the first specific cryptocurrency aimed at the adult entertainment industry. Sexcoin aims to be a replacement for the current payment processing system. With Sexcoin you can avoid the unfair tariffs and the discrimination you face when dealing with traditional models and institutions. " He was born at the end of 2013, has a value of 0.009364 dollars.




Putincoin; It was created in July 2016, its mission is "to pay tribute to the people and President Russia". The boom of this currency was at the end of 2017 at the beginning of 2018, when it reached its highest capitalization, 11,285,000 dollars. Today it does not go through its best streak: it has a value of $ 0.000440.


WhopperCoin; At the end of August the Burger King burger franchise launched its first cryptocurrency, at the moment it is only available in Russia and its main objective is to keep customers loyal. Good marketing strategy, no? The company created around 1,000 million units through the WAVES platform.




Titcoin (TIT); This is the cryptocurrency of the 'Pornhub' website, a currency destined for "women to take advantage of the cryptographic ecosystem and the porn industry". This has the function of restructuring the system of payment for services for adults. This cryptocurrency works in the following way: a woman enters a place that accepts Titcoins and asks to pay with that currency. The cashier opens his Titcoin application on his smartphone. Then she pulls up her shirt and pays for it with a picture of her breasts (not her face, which remains hidden). The photographs are sent to the Pornhub section, user-created content, under the category of "Amateur "(Most searched on the Internet). For each photo that is uploaded to the Pornhub network, the client (or the example cashier) receives Titcoins, which can be exchanged by other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, or used as payment in places that accept the currency and cancel adult content. . The business produces one day of free premium package for each payment. The TIT has a value of 0.011474 dollars and a capitalization market of 569.563 dollars.




Shivers; Designed for horror movie lovers, it is used for the distribution, creation and development of horror films.



Bitcoen; And is that religion does not stop playing an important role in cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoen was born as the first project designed for Jews and so far the project has received $ 150,000 in its pre-sale and investment has exceeded $ 500 thousand . The currency can only be obtained by Jews since the purchases made with the Bitcoen will be reviewed and verified, the offer of the coin is expected to start in a couple of weeks and the creators aspire to reach a cap of collection of up to 20 million euros. Dollars.



It is interesting to highlight some of the cryptocurrencies that have a slightly stranger origin than the financial system as such, where some of them do not even aspire to have a real value. As things look, we could already deduce where the global economy is heading in the future.

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