PubliQ: New Blockchain Social Platform that rewards its bloggers and social communicators for their contributions.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 19 Oct 2019


PubliQ social media is the new way in which all those who wish to participate with its content are rewarded by their native PBQ token. This new opportunity puts value on the content of bloggers and all those who wish to share from photos, videos and stories.

PubliQ is totally different from the other existing platforms, because it has its own native Wallet to store its tokens, it offers great security that is provided thanks to its blockchain and the system it uses to protect your wallet. This is almost fresh out of the oven a few days ago just launched its mainnet, that is, its official platform. In this platform its reward system is not based on winning votes or tips to the creators, with the simple fact that users observe the published content, this platform rewards you with your token, that is, just by visualization we are already earning PBQ.






In addition, it currently also has its own Exchange called "Ataix" which is quite complete and easy to use. There we can exchange the tokens for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that includes the main 20 cryptocurrencies of the coinmarketcap. Currently, the PBQ token has a value of 46 Satoshis that is not bad for a start, since this initiative can be projected very solid and consolidated in the future.




We are observing that blockchain technology is helping to introduce an economic model that changes the game, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, and where users receive a fair remuneration for the attention and time invested in creating quality content and real news. Decentralization, probably the most important aspect of blockchain technology, transforms the way creators interact with the public, establishing a direct relationship between creators and readers.

As a final point The economy of trust and attention is generating a media system open to new experiences, new proposals and new types of business, where users are paid for the attention invested in content and advertising. Decentralization, the main value of blockchain technology, transforms the way creators relate to the public. Each of these projects offers a new perspective on how we see and project our content on the internet of the value that corresponds to SIglo XXI.


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