My opinion BTC, Price correction?

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 15 Jul 2019

The cryptocurrency market started a few days ago with a strong bearish trend, which has painted the main cryptocoins of the ecosystem in red.


For some it is just a symptom of correction before a new bullish rally, which has been predicted by many analysts that will happen from the next months.

 In spite of this the ecosystem maintains good levels even during the storm, Bitcoin despite the downward trend that is experiencing these last days, has remained outside the $ 10,000.

Bitcoin has certainly managed to keep afloat in the cryptomonedas ecosystem, the question is if it could stay on top of the step and be able to continue catapulting for a greater adoption in the future ?.

While it is true no one can predict the price and nobody knows what will happen in the future no matter how much is analyzed. Price of cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin could be in a small recession for the next days or weeks after having reached a new maximum this year. Maybe we have to wait until these final months of the year to really see important movements again.

Of course, it is not price that matters, but how technology is improving, how things are developing. And there are ecosystems like Bitcoin that are very active, they are healthier than ever, and there we will be very optimistic because the technological part is going very well.

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