Facebook will Pay Employees with Cryptocurrencies

Facebook will Pay Employees with Cryptocurrencies

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 12 Jun 2019


Facebook will announce its own cryptocurrency at the end of this month and will allow the employees who work in the

project to collect part of their salary in that currency, thus it would become one of the few companies nowadays that after

adopting the blockchain technology cancel your workers with cryptocurrencies You also plan to cede control of the

cryptocurrency to third parties to ensure that the digital asset is not fully centralized.




These third parties will occupy the task of acting as nodes, that is, they will have the ability to validate transactions in the

network for the token developed by the company created by Mark Zuckerberg. This currency, which will be integrated as a

payment tool in all other products of social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, will also be

available through physical ATMs.




The speculation around Facebook's crypto has been skeptical for many for several months now. But nevertheless we will see

a Mark Zuckerberg that will bring us surprises to try to gain again the confidence of its users.


I like to look for new method of passive income.


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