Do we really believe in cryptocurrencies?

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 19 Jul 2019


We must be completely convinced of what we are doing and in the world we are venturing into, believing is not about getting excited in the bullish times when everything is rosy and the outlook is up. Believe is the conviction that the crypto came to stay, that the world is constantly evolving and that we are in the digital era, where connectivity, smart technologies and globalization are the mega trends of the moment.

And what if my portfolio has lost value, if all the altcoins and the btc are in a bearish streak?




It is not easy to live from trading, the good news is that you're not the only person you're going through, trading is a high-risk activity and trading with crypts is super high-risk hyper-risk. According to my criteria to live on trading and more than cryptocurrency as a professional requires years of study, dedication, preparation and learning. You choose from which perspective to look at everything that is currently happening in the market, or you take it, learn and hold it or close it in a loss and you abandon it.

The cryptocurrencies are digital assets and like all assets tend to behave cyclically. As this market is relatively new, that is to say, without much historical data and so volatile, we are hardly knowing the behavior of cryptoactives. But something if I am convinced and that the BTC opened the doors to a world of possibilities where transactions are made in an intelligent, fast, virtual and even better through a concept of money totally different from what we already knew. If he was able to do all that, I doubt very much that he is extinguished, or that he does not return to his previous historical ones or does not reach new ones.


When could it happen again?



I have not the faintest idea, but I invested, I invest and I will invest in cryptocurrencies because I really believe in them and for me it is really exciting to read all the stories and visions that are behind each digital asset. I confess that I do not currently do short trading, it was a decision I made due to my emotional level with respect to this type of investment. I am more inclined to investigate and invest long in crypts that connect me, as if I were buying shares of a company, currently my portfolio has lost about 20% of its value, but this is the business, as are the investments, the apprenticeships They cost money, but the fact of participating in projects driven by different causes that contribute to solving different situations in the world for me is priceless.

To live on investments you must make a career as a professional, not only theoretically but practically, it is no accident to read traditional traders saying that before devoting yourself fully to trading and investments you must first capitalize and leverage the income you already have. It is a matter of living a process because we usually come from being or are used to linear income, where security and stability are two primary characteristics vs. residual income where definitely in this case the results depend on various factors, the market, our faith in ourselves, our attitudes towards what we do and our constancy.

The advantage we have at this moment is that there is a great variety of options to generate income through them, trading, holding, mining, buying and selling icos and even investor clubs and marketing networks that drive the cryptoactives. Obviously with such variety it is important to document and investigate what is necessary to minimize the risks of falling into deception.

To face any challenge that may arise in this new economic area we must take into account the constancy, the good attitude and the conviction of believing in this new ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, and every investment we make, every purchase we make with the full awareness of why and what are you doing, what was it that connected us to that investment, was the company behind, was the vision of the business, was the team of entrepreneurs, that will give us the total satisfaction that regardless of the result you grew as an investor by the mere fact of following your true intuition.

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