Curious and unexpected uses of blockchain technology

Curious and unexpected uses of blockchain technology

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 1 Aug 2019

In addition to its most common uses, the blockchain has other very curious ones, From creating life to owning virtual lands, here I show you some:

Finance, identity, health, charity, supply chains, collectibles ... to date, blockchain technology has become a kind of panacea for almost any sector you can think of.

Although no one would have said it during its beginnings being only the background of Bitcoin, the popularity of this technology seems only to increase with each passing day. Because of this, it is not surprising that, apart from the most predictable uses, several companies and individuals have decided to use it in rather unusual projects or services.


Life forms



Yes, apparently blockchain can also create life. Thanks to the artistic group O’Khaos, the so-called “Plantoids” were born: sculptures of plants or mechanical flowers, whose soul is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on the Ethereum blockchain. Just like a real plant, they need to feed and can reproduce. And how?

First, they feed on bitcoins from those who want to donate to them, attracted by their physical appearance or by the “personality” developed by the DAO, which includes economic incentives, management or solidarity rules. Once they are fed enough, they can reproduce by choosing an artist to build a new specimen of that species.

They are also described as completely autonomous beings, which cannot belong to anyone in particular; so its location, like a museum or art gallery, is decided through the DAO.



Space Economy



Space colonization is one of humanity's big dreams, and in the not too distant future the blockchain could help build an entire economy in space; from contracts and currencies to taxes and a new banking system. This was stated by Dr. Kartik Hegadekatti, from the Ministry of Railways of India, in his study on this. This also indicates that carrying physical money or electronic machines from Earth to other planets would be too expensive, so the natural alternative is cryptocurrencies.

You could say that Asgardia, the space nation project, took the floor of Hegadekatti; because for their economy they plan to create the SOLAR cryptocurrency. Along the same lines, the California Space Center has a blockchain in place to make records and financial transfers that could work in outer space. This, of course, with a view to future space colonization.


Sexual encounters


The blockchain can also work to arrange sexual encounters by decentralizing and privatizing participant data. For that, the platform was created, where both sex workers and any sexually active person can arrange a meeting privately and with a transaction guarantee system for payments.

This initiative even has its own cryptocurrency, the SSIO, which aims to avoid any type of censorship or blockade by centralized institutions. It also offers rewards for women who want to join in the early stages of the platform and share content.


Visual novel


One may ask, how could the blockchain intervene in a visual novel? Maybe the novel is about that...? A little, but no. Actually, Deus ETH is based on Ethereum smart contracts and has 50 tokenized characters, each of which can be bought and sold at market price. These characters, in addition, are anthropomorphic tokens with unique accessories that fight for their lives in a post-apocalyptic environment.

The survival of each character during each of the ten episodes was determined randomly by smart contracts, and for the last three survivors, or rather, for the owners of these tokens, awaited a reward in the final chapter. The complete graphic novel can be found on its website, divided into small videos. The first chapter, just as an example, portrays the confrontation between the protagonists and the CryptoKitties, which in this future have been transformed into killer machines.


Write a shared book


Thanks to an alliance between Visual Editions, Impossible Labs and Google's Creative Lab, 100 copies of a book entitled A universe explodes were created, which is not only registered in the Ethereum blockchain, but was built from its smart contracts.

The idea of this book is that each copy can be shared 100 times between different readers, who would have to add a word and delete two. Thus, in the end, all content would be completely different from the origin, although the editions would be saved in Ethereum. Each copy of A universe explodes is unique, made up of all the words of its readers. It may not be a novel with a very elaborate plot, but it is a very interesting experiment, no doubt.


Buy virtual lands



Surely you've ever seen The Matrix or Ready Player One, right? Well, it must be said that, thanks to the blockchain, these virtual worlds are not so far away. With Decentraland you can build and in fact own both virtual objects and lands according to your preference, without the intervention of any centralized entity; as is the case in most virtual reality developments. This is an open source blockchain platform that has its own cryptocurrency, the MANA.

Such virtual lands have become so coveted that one of them was sold a few months ago for almost USD 9,000 through an auction. In the same way, it is even possible to mortgage them thanks to the Decentraland alliance with the Ripio P2P loan network.


We would not dare to say that these are all unusual uses of the blockchain, much less. but they are projects that we will not see so often. In fact, it is very likely that in the coming months or years we will see even more strange projects and services that mix even several technologies.



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