Cryptocurrencies: Advancing the design of a monetary system that is available to everyone.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 13 Sep 2019


During these last years, we have heard the topic of the moment that are crypto Digital assets, and despite this, different alternatives to the main digital asset "The Bitcoin" have been developed from private spheres, as is the case with the stablecoins designed under the principle of fiat money in order to reduce its volatility. In this type of digital currency its value is referenced to a collateral that will normally be a traditional currency such as the euro or the dollar. The first prototypes developed are oriented to the payment system with the aim of increasing its efficiency.

Also from the public sphere, although still in a conceptual field, there is a very intense debate about the opportunities and challenges posed by the issuance of a digital currency by a central bank. Three alternatives are being studied depending on their use: exclusive use in wholesale payments, alternative to cash or central bank deposit. The main issues that they would have to solve are:

1) Whether or not to preserve the anonymity that is consubstantial to cash?

2) Should a universal currency be developed or should it be limited to certain actors?

3) What are the implications for current financial intermediation?

The digitalization of money and the decrease in the use of cash are two unstoppable phenomena. This has continued an innovation process seeking to realize the advantages of digitalization such as speed, globality, decentralization, cost reduction, security, fraud mitigation, and so on. At the same time its main drawbacks are mitigated. The developments of the last years in the digitalization of money are a clear example of a dynamic innovation process, where we find errors and failures on which to learn. Among all public and private sectors, progress must be made in the design of a monetary system that makes it possible to make available to all the opportunities offered by the digital era.

In this way, Digital Money will be moving more and more within the new economy, from a flourishing market with the intervention of technologies. As long as the excitement and the boom continue in the market, more and more public companies will be seen turning to cryptocurrencies, buying affiliated projects, building new business models, launching press releases or anything else.


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