Blockchain: the silent economic revolution

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 3 Aug 2019


Blockchain technology opened a universe of possibilities whose potential to cushion the social and environmental impact of human activity has no limits. This technology has come to stay and, even more, to define what the future of the world will be

It is somewhat unquestionable that the emergence of the Internet was a transformation of the pillars of our world at all levels. However, the era of the internet of information is succumbing to an even greater transformation, "that of the internet of value."

The internet that we all know, is the one that allows us the free circulation in the whole planet of the information, propitiating the creation of infinity of new business models and the second the internet of value is a new tool that serves to share and manage the value of assets or digital goods without the need to depend on a central trust entity that centralizes the process.

In decentralization and its immutability is the true power of the blockchain. There is no user that has more power than another, just as everything is registered immutable. As of today, this paradigm shift already revolutionizes banking, insurance, telecommunications, public sector management and any data and transaction system we can imagine.

That Blockchain becomes a daily reality is something that can be achieved, although we as users may not notice it.

An unimaginable universe of possibilities is open today for all those visionaries who are willing to make this the tool that determines the definitive turn towards the sustainable model that guides the future of transactions, transparency, and the circular economy. 

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