Blockchain and new technologies: Awake a new type of leader for the next digital era.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 5 Oct 2019


The digital transformation initiatives that are being implemented in organizations at an accelerated rate are the product of great changes in the way of perceiving the reality present in all areas of society.

The success that these changes can have depends on the people who are involved in it. Not only is choosing the right technology and project, but ensuring that people know how to take advantage of it to add value to it. Because technology is a means to an end, therefore it would be convenient to have figures that inspire the confidence of a digital leader.


So what would be the fundamentals that would characterize that figure of digital leader?

- This would be the key figure to carry out these transformations. It must have some skills that must be developed and perfected to carry out the different initiatives that will generate a short, medium and long-term transformation in society.

- The leader or guide should be able to detect and understand trends, understand their potential impact on the different social and economic fields, also must draw conclusions that help them define concrete actions that they can execute today and allow them to be prepared for the future.

- These should highlight new ideas, which can be used to rethink challenges and problems, exploring a large number of possible solutions to any problem.

Also, you should know how to increase the speed of experimentation. You must carry out practical experiments of a series of principles, processes and tools that allow you to quickly test the emerging technologies that are offered. These so that society adapts to the changes that are to come.

Finally, this individual or individuals does not imply that they must be experts in the trend, but must understand the implications of digital technologies in current and future business, and thus become the key to add value, achieve objectives and reinvent the businesses of modern society.


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