Tezos Future

Tezos Future

By ... | World of Crypto | 19 May 2020

Bitcoin has established itself as one of the best cryptocurrencies since the March 12 market crash. In fact, this top market coin has not only outperformed other cryptocurrencies, but also surpassed several traditional assets. However, Tezos has also performed very well during this time.
The Tezos cryptocurrency has been on the rise since March, and many analysts predict that the coin could continue to rise. In fact, Tezos has even made it to the top 10 coin list of the coin Market Cap. In a recent podcast by Arthur Britman, founder of Tezos, he shared his views on the function of the thesis, the type of acceptance, competition with etherium, and other theses and goals of the thesis in various sections. Britman stated:

I don't think there is a single center of interest here. Your company can pursue specific goals, while individuals can pursue different goals. A lot of planning has been done, so I don't think there will be a single effort in a "specific direction."

Another issue that has recently attracted attention is the fear that Tezos will leave etherium behind in the near future. This seems logical for many reasons. etherium plans to do a lot in the future, one of which is the switch from the PoW Consensus Algorithm (Proof of Work) to the PoS Consensus Algorithm (stock proof), which takes place in the second version of Etherium. Currently, Tezos is working on the PoS chain, and ETH has not yet made that change. Britman added:

etherium has been waiting a long time for PoS. I remember mentioning these words in 2016. I think they will reach it eventually, but it may take a long time. It's a little disappointing that people see etherium as a blockchain for proof of stock, while ETH looks at proof of work.

Overall, the Tezos ecosystem has achieved a lot and is making significant progress in this area. Thesis has recently announced the tokenization of bitcoin on its blockchain. Therefore, it may be time for BTC and ETH to upgrade in terms of technological advances. However, does this mean that the thesis is currently competitively priced at the Bitcoin and ETH levels? Probably not

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