CME trading records show the growth of organizational participation in bitcoin transactions

CME trading records show the growth of organizational participation in bitcoin transactions

By ... | World of Crypto | 19 May 2020

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group, or CME, recently set a record for the number of bitcoin transactions in several different categories. According to information provided by a CME representative to QuinnTellegraph on May 14, the exchange recorded a new maximum (ATH) for this product with a free profit of 10,792 bitcoin futures worth more than 53,960 BTC. Also on May 4, CME set a record for 66 large free interest rate holders, or LOIH. The CME representative noted that the LOIH figures show an increase in the participation of organizations in this type of transaction.
Bitcoin transactions in CME have performed well since its launch
The CME opened the door to the mainstream of cryptocurrencies in 2017 with the launch of Bitcoin futures trading. In 2020, the exchange offered another option for crypto trading by launching bitcoin options options. The CME has traded about 5,000 of these contracts with a volume of 25,000 bitcoins since the start of bitcoin options trading.

Bitcoin transactions have had a great week
May 13 and 14 saw two new crypto trading records at CME. "The Bitcoin product option set new records with contracts worth 4389 bitcoins as well as free interest with contracts worth 14535 bitcoins," the CME representative noted. In contrast to the growing success of CME, CBOE Exchange was out of business almost a year and a half after the launch of Bitcoin futures in December 2017, and the product of its Bitcoin trading option was released before the price of this cryptocurrency reached $ 139,000. Deleted.

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