Formula For Knowing

By Gwydion | universalchords | 12 Nov 2023

There is knowing

(21 Nov 2023: Having watched most of the videos on Jim Newman's Channel (the non-duality presentations) the word "knowledge" has been changed into "knowing". Probably there need to be more small changes in this article and that will happen, or not).

Formula for knowing

Knowing = Experimenting x Experiencing/ Assuming + Believing + Thinking

The universe has no need for knowing. The universe is however informing all. Perceiving this untampered information is knowing. Universal intelligence can not be comprehended, for it is not objectified. On planet Earth, we seem to know nothing, although we act as if we know all.

Wisdom is, not forcing your experience and experiments on others. Sharing stories is the opposite of propagating narrative. On this planet, most stories told are false. Human nature rejects false stories, so most lies are put aside as beliefs. When people believe false stories it becomes impossible for the knowing to disprove the lies. Lies are propagated and massively pushed. Humans are programmed to believe false stories, and when children find out they have been lied to, a new layer of lies is then placed above the first layer of lies. This layering does not end.

Science and religion are belief systems.

Knowing is undermined by assuming, believing, and thinking. Knowing becomes infinite if you reduce all to zero.

Knowing could reduce believing, assuming, and thinking to zero.

Knowing that all is light. A tiny reflection of light can be observed as "matter" (seeing), but even observing all matter is impossible. Knowing therefore does not depend on our senses! Au contraire! (The same goes for feeling, hearing, tasting, and smelling).


Logic is NOT science, since science IS a belief system (agreements on consensus that are propagated and promoted to paradigms, just like dogmas in religious systems).

Logic is however correct reasoning by applying the knowing and by doing so discovering universal truth. Truth is not objective, some things happen to be universal truth, and some things happen to be accepted as truth on Earth, but always turn out to be false narratives, adding to the knowing not to believe, assume, or think anything to be true. There is no truth to be found on Earth, although true things happen.

Universal truth means that the attributes of concepts apply all over the universe. The universe itself is breathing, the universe IS life. Everything within our universe derives from the seven acts of the universe. So NOTHING can exist that is not created from the center of the universe (Act 1).

Malicious Entities

On planet Earth, there are malicious entities that deliberately withhold knowledge. Without knowledge, we still can apply logic, but it will NEVER give the right answers. Not only is knowledge withheld, but humanity is injected with lies, toxins, and pollution. For example, "they" teach us about a "big bang" which makes the origin of the universe a ONE TIME static event, a ONE TIME EVENT opens the gates to A ONE TIME CREATOR, or GOD. 

But the universe is not a one-time event, it is a dynamic process of creating and gravitating. These two forces can also be called electro-magnetism, or just light. If people start to accept the flow of creation and gravitation, this will also help them to free their minds from any MASTER who magically created things out of "nothing". Once you understand Acts 1 to 3 (out of 7) of the universe, you understand how easy it is for any creature in the universe just to be a part of the universe's creation (and gravitation).

All you need to know for now is that the "ether" is like the noise on your television. The elements that form the noise are the smallest elements in the universe (10 ^ -36), and we named this "Hydrogen". Since there are NO atoms in the universe, those who want to understand creation have to let go of the "particle" thought. Atom means you cannot divide it, or cut it any smaller. And we all know we can create new elements by transforming or fusing elements. Elements form fields. Elements differ only in frequency and amplitude. When fields of the same elements encounter, they form a vortex, just like warm air and cold air form a vortex, or tornado. The center of the universe is the nursery of galaxies. The center of the universe is, by lack of a better word, a black hole. Galaxies are spiraling out of the center of the universe as the noise, Hydrogen, is fusing into Helium. Every galaxy has its own universe-like center (black hole), so every galaxy is sent out in the ocean of hydrogen (noise) to fuse hydrogen at different locations in the universe, forming Helium elements., or stars. Every star has a universe-like center (black hole) and is also able to fuse hydrogen into helium. In fact, all stars ARE hydrogen fusion reactors floating in space. All stars are positioned around the center of their own galaxy. There are innumerable galaxies and innumerable stars. All planets started as stars. If different stars influence each other, they sometimes resonate at certain frequencies creating new fields of elements. When Helium resonates with Helium, it fuses into Carbon (Act 3). Carbon and Hydrogen form Oxygen and Nitrogen. Our planet Earth is ready! So our planet Earth has a Hydrogen core, fusing into layers of Helium, surrounded by layers of Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen (this is very simplified because there are at least 18 more elements that form in the first three acts of the universe). The Carbon (plasma) IS called OIL!! Fusing and resonating is only possible because of the distance (wavelength) to the planet's closest star, the sun. Oil has nothing to do with fossil remains, this is an example of how science lets humanity believe in lies, promoted by ignorant fools, who studied the lies.

The universal motions are; Expanding, Contracting (these two are called Breathing), Rotating, Wobbling, Spinning, and Twirling.

The universal forces are; Creation, Gravitation, Splitting, Distortion, Absorption, Amplification, Fusion, Interference, Manifestation, and Transformation.

Information is; data about the universal forces at any given moment.

Life itself IS energy in motion. Dead does not exist. Dead is splitting and transforming, gravitation and absorption.

There are NO straight lines in the universe and all and everything is connected to the center (source) of the universe. The universal connection is an invisible or visible "neural" network. We could imagine "packages of data" sent throughout the whole of creation using these neural networks.

This is why, on planet Earth, everything comes from our SUN. Our sun is of course also a hydrogen fusion reactor. Life on Earth would NOT exist if our sun would not be there. The INFLUENCE of the sun is 100%. Influenza is NOT a DISEASE, it is the influence of the sun!


If you know how the universe creates (and gravitates) you no longer need to assume, think, or believe anything that the morons on planet Earth are teaching you. 99% of what science and religion have brought to humanity is at best devastating to our freedom. Morons have confused (!), abused, lied to, mistreated, killed, robbed, murdered, undermined, gaslighted, and falsified. Everyone on planet Earth has been affected, and at least robbed from true knowledge. This means we live our lives disentangling the lies most part of it. After people manage to disentangle the lies, they then have to spend all their energy dodging the scorn.

The crucifixion story, it never really happened, is in fact a manual, a warning.

To give you some examples of the lies that you guess when you have knowledge and apply (universal) logic.

Oil is carbon plasma (see above), it is formed in the Earth's inner core until the Earth's hydrogen core is no longer fusing - Oil is not fossil remains, there will never be a shortage of oil as long as planet Earth exists in constellation with our sun. Please let the ramifications of this lie get to your inner center! Try to feel with your heart what this lie means to planet Earth! Oil is one of the main reasons for waging wars on this planet. The other lie about living Gods is another main reason for waging wars on this planet. So two of the biggest lies make this Earth a terrible place to develop universal knowledge.

Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon core Earth is alive

CO2 is the oxygen for plants and trees. CO2 TAX is absolutely ridiculous! The same goes for Nitrogen problems, 72% of Earth's atmosphere consists of nitrogen. There are no nitrogen problems.

Weather is always changing on a daily basis. Climate always changes over decades or centuries. The concepts of climate change, green energy, and renewal energy, are based on lies, and supported by science (belief). All climates on planet Earth are 99,99% dependant on the SUN. No tax, no politicians, no government, NOTHING & NOBODY can influence global weather (although f.e. HAARP can mess up weather patterns in wide areas).

This doesn't mean we should spray TOXINS into the air, cause they are harmful to living organisms. But WHY has the spraying of toxins become the alleged SOLUTION to the problems the morons invented in the first place!? Burning wood does not deliver GREEN energy, but that is what these climate morons try to propagate. Of all stupid things that morons can come up with, they always find the most moronic first! We should start putting these morons to prison.

Popes are not in connection with "GOD", all popes are heads of a centuries-old organization stated as the Vatican. All of the Vatican's possessions are gained by murdering, robbing, and stealing, under the pretend of bringing "GOD" and Jezus. If the Vatican did not steal in the name of "God", they sent another party with a mandate and their (holy) blessings. Since all gods are concepts or an illogical way to explain the universal logic, every religion is based on lies. The fact that these lies are written in books (Biblio, or Bibles) does not make them lesser lies. Calling lies "Holy", or "the word of God", only proves people are able to (make) believe anything. I consider any apology a waste of time. There are no gods in the universe.

Atoms, molecules, genes, and particles do not exist in the universe!

Genes are derived from the word "gen" or "generate". In the universe, everything is always in motion. The universe itself is the generative source of all there is. The universe expresses itself, or manifests itself in light, whether we see it or not. 99,99% of the universe's manifestation we cannot see, but it is manifest. The universe does not create atoms, atoms are a very ancient concept that only means "you cannot divide". And that is the same as the concepts of individual or non-duality. There are no atoms. There are no individues. There is no duality. All is one.

The manifestation of light which "we" can see, is falsely called "matter". Matter is the false idea of being a collection of atoms (and molecules). It is very simple to comprehend that light can manifest itself as a "body", an image that is the source of light itself or can reflect light. We know the word "chromosomes", almost everybody seems to know chromosomes contain our genes, which is "the code" that makes us what we are.

Well since chromos mean "light" and somos means "body", we have bodies of light, that contain the "code", program, or information that makes us what we are. If you look for particles, you will not find them in the universe. I'll try to explain what genes are, by comparing them with the code, programs, or information on a computer hard drive, or solid-state drive. Can you point out a particle that is part of the data on a hard drive, or is it an electromagnetic phenomenon that once you touch it with your finger it is gone?

Everything in the universe is a manifestation of light. But we only see within a certain frequency range (roughly 400 - 800 nanometer wavelength). This means, and this is where we lose our understanding, most things in the universe we cannot see and therefore we "think" it does not exist. We even have a saying on planet Earth; "seeing is believing". Try to comprehend that believing is not contributing to knowledge either! So when we manifest on planet Earth as "bodies of light", we can reflect and see one another, but we DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT WE SEE.

Now religions have jumped into that vacuum by making humanity believe there is MORE, although you cannot SEE it. You NEED to take the priest's word for it, cause they probably "know" what they are talking about. Science has jumped into the things we could not SEE with our bare eyes, by using microscopes and telescopes. So science made micro and macro within the light specter "visible" and applied some filtering and amplification to be able to scope more wavelengths, but still 99,8% cannot be seen. And if science can't see it, it does NOT exist! (I am simplifying things, but I hope everyone understands we have 5 senses, and science can extend all of them, but still be "blind").

Look what is happening on planet Earth; Science cannot explain what it can not see, and religion forces us to believe what we cannot see. If science cannot see atoms all explanations about our "material world" force us to believe in atoms. Both believe systems are amplifying their "lies" more sophisticated than ever, making planet Earth the hardest grade in the universe. The universities on planet Earth are indoctrinating institutions where they teach obedience to all the false concepts. You can spend a whole life studying Theology, while all gods are concepts. Antropomorphication of things we cannot grasp. But even if one studied the concepts, not knowing how the universe really "works" will always lead anyone astray.

Light bodies and star bodies, or chromosomes from astral manifestation. (The manifested form IS information, whether we sense it or not).

If one cannot see the biggest picture, one can never draw a true conclusion. One does not know what causes it all in perfection. How perfection only can be disturbed within one generation. Mutation is generation and degeneration. The innumerable unique manifestations of light, where planet Earth is also manifest as a tiny dot. This tiny dot in the universe is dominated by narrow-minded human-like entities, and the only way humanity will break free from propagated assumptions, thoughts, and beliefs, is by opening up to their astral bodies (star bodies). All humans should learn to know how to manifest their chromosomes or light bodies, universally. This is not a matter of believing, thinking, or assuming, but imagining, experimenting, and experiencing.

Start discovering yourself before anything else, don't believe the hypes!

Every time others speak in terms of thinking, believing, and assuming, instead of knowing, decide for yourself what experiment you would like to conduct, what you want to KNOW. Another thing that does not contribute to knowledge is "opinion". It's when someone tells you blue is the most beautiful color. Opinions are often sold as expert opinions, or "research shows". Science is consenting opinions, and forcing that consensus as facts, paradigms, or theories. If someone has an opinion on f.e. a color, ask him/her if he/she knows what color is. 99% have no idea how to define color. Most opinions are not based on knowledge or facts. Saying blue is your favorite color is like saying the music tone A is your favorite note, it is ridiculous.

This above does not exclude that color might have a certain influence! And some prefer to be in green rooms, rather than brown rooms. But this is not an opinion, these kinds of senses, or feelings can lead to experimenting and experiencing. As I wrote earlier, "Wisdom is not forcing your experience and experiments on others. Sharing is not forcing". When we share, we should share our experiences, and our knowledge, not our opinions!

Some readers might think that calling religion and science belief systems is my opinion. But I KNOW it's the truth I am sharing. I hear every lie, I feel every betrayal, I smell danger, and I see right through set-up scenes, but still, I am only trying to FREE anyone from all that. Please be aware that it's never about the messenger, focus on the message always. 

In my next article, I will elaborate on all the lies that control our world. And how to develop a "sixth sense" knowing exactly when people, organizations, governments, or institutions are propagating false thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions (false or uninspired thoughts, group forced consent, or thinking without knowing, I am still trying to find a term for this, "moronic" and "oxymoronic" pop to my mind often).










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