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By Gwydion | universalchords | 1 Mar 2024

Both Science and religion are belief systems. Paradigms for sciences are like dogmas for religions. And atoms are to life what music notes are to symphonies; Atoms do not create life, and notes do not create symphonies. Beliefs, assumptions, and empty thoughts do not contribute to knowledge, or facts that can be verified.

What is the general rule, is only confirmed by the exception. So, why have scientists and religious leaders been searching for exceptions to universal principles for ages, to create exceptional rules that do not describe the general and universal principles in any way? These rules and laws seem to enforce obedience, withdraw freedom, and seem to legalize the unlawful waste of time, money, and energy from the global population.

It seems the ancient Roman empires did not crumble, but plagiarized the even more ancient gods, esoteric knowledge, and philosophies. This long-term plan was initiated by Emperor Constantine, around 323 CE (or AD). "Augustus" (Greek: Σεβαστός, Sebastos) means: distinguished, eminent, grand, grandiose high, lofty, magnificent, majestic, superb, and tall.

During the First Council of Nicaea (May to August 325 CE), the seed of hegemony, or evil was planted. Forced monotheism, means thousands of other deities are put in a "zip" formatted file called monotheism, or GOD (no name, just god, because some gods could not be mentioned), and later the eradication of all opposition (starting with the burning of the Manichaeans), natural gods, framing of time, the introduction of a worldwide calendar (the Greek cylinder, or roles of a press, now used to press newspapers for example. See how controlling the press, controlling the media, was one of their primary goals). We are pressed and stressed by virtual time.

Constantine himself embodied godly and earthly highest authority possible to man. He and his accomplish planted the seed for world domination under one god and one way to look at the world. With that, the 1700 years of murdering, lying, burning, raping, stealing, and expansion to the rest of the planet began. We are now at the pinnacle of the worst period on the planet ever. This period, however, might end 1700 times faster than it has been achieved, by just the epiphany of truth, and restored freedom for knowledge seekers, and speakers, who fully grasp that all beliefs, assumptions, and empty thoughts have deprived humanity of universal knowledge. We need to take back the personal control that comes with responsibility.

Consensus in both belief systems is decided upon by 80 grey men (this seems exaggeration ). Once the 80-grey agree on (new) paradigms and dogmas, the new laws and additions to old laws are propagated top-down to the rest of the world by all means necessary. The media worldwide are fully controlled, biased, corrupted, and in the hands of a few and have thus become an outlet for devastating smothering propaganda. Even scholars are programmed by media and additionally by false information during schooling and studies.

Everybody seems to be forced to accept the dogmas, paradigms, and laws, without being allowed to question the validity, or factuality, to find a (more) probable truth. Everybody seems to be pushed to believe that it is in their best interest to obey and pray. Nobody seems to be allowed to doubt concepts and consent reached by the "80 greys". It seems everybody must have even more trust and even stronger belief when nature itself inevitably forces them to doubt artificial logic, factual lies, fairy tales, exaggerations, non-proven facts, debunked assumptions, and a global tunnel vision that wastes most of our energy.

We in all our stupidity have wasted trillions on bombing, nuke-testing, stealing, murdering, and helping the planet to smithereens, while, if we only used 1 percent of that wasted money, we could have made the Sahara fertile and prosperous. All deserts on planet Earth would have followed the enrichment. Instead, the few psychopaths, sociopaths, and technocrats, the 80-grey, the billionaires, have mostly drawn energy from humanity and the planet at the same time to enrich themselves.

Most billionaires like to be called philanthropic as if they love people, but since they love to inverse the truth, it is correct to assume they are misanthropic, they hate people, and that's why they love their eugenics and their genocide.


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