Full List of IOTA (MIOTA) Partnerships (2020)

Full List of IOTA (MIOTA) Partnerships (2020)

By list3r | WordStock | 15 May 2020


IOTA is one of the leaders in the crypto space when it comes to utilizing the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) concept. Its blockless solution brings hope to the DLT space, especially if we want to talk about the potential of having infinite scalability.

Nobody can deny the fact that IOTA has a lot of big name partners in its hand. The potential is huge knowing that many corporations and government agencies are willing to experiment with IOTA’s The Tangle, even though many of them are still in the Proof of Concept stage. Let’s just begin right away with the biggest and most impactful partners of IOTA Foundation.

List of Partnerships

  1. Volkswagen (Source)
  2. DnB (Source)
  3. Bosch (Source)
  4. Fujitsu (Source)
  5. Sinopac (Source)
  6. Audi (Source)
  7. Engie Lab CRIGEN (Source)
  8. Jaguar Land Rover (Source)
  9. Alliander (Source)
  10. AKITA Blockchain Solutions (Source)
  11. Avery Dennison (Source)
  12. Taipei City (Source)
  13. Trademark East Africa (Source)
  14. Zühlke (Source)
  15. FIWARE (Source)
  16. City of Austin Transport Department (Source)

Detailed List of Partnerships

1. Volkswagen



January 2018: Volkswagen has always been trying to explore different technological advancements. One of their partnerships in recent years is done with IOTA. IOTA is cooperating with Volkswagen to explore partnership in the driverless technology sector by utilizing IOTA’s data marketplace. This partnership helps Volkswagen to see different driving conditions all over the globe.

More technically, the sensory data is being used into the database in order to refine Volkswagen product quality. Volkswagen’s Chief Digital officer, Johann Jungwirth, even joined The IOTA Foundation’s supervisory board. 

The partnership itself became official by January 2018. Jungwirth stated that proof of concept (PoC) with IOTA network was already launched by Volkswagen, even though the live implementation would require even more time. 

The proof of concept was received pretty positively by the crypto community, especially when it showed how the trusted transfer of software to vehicles can be immutably saved by utilizing IOTA’s Tangle. 

This partnership was seen as a huge news for IOTA community, especially because Volkswagen is one of the biggest car manufacturing companies, with huge brands like Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti, Audi, and Lamborghini.

Apart from the Proof of Concept’s partnership, it’s claimed that IOTA is also partnering specifically with Porsche on a program that’s called “Program 4 project”. The collaboration between IOTA and Porsche would integrate smart mobility alongside other startups.

2. DNB




May 2018: In May 2018, IOTA officially announced that it had teamed up with Norway’s biggest financial group, DnB. Previously. DnB had continuously voiced its interest in blockchain technology to improve its future potential in the era of Internet of Things (IoT).

The partnership between IOTA and DnB focused on new business models, collective cross-silo hackathons, and data privacy management systems. It looks like DnB was particularly interested in the possible future of machine-to-machine communications and transactions.

That is why DnB was interested to partner with IOTA, due to the fact that IOTA team itself had set its vision on future M2M transactions if IoT devices take off in the future.

3. Bosch



October 2017: Bosch is an engineering and electronics company with a huge international reputation. It’s the largest supplier of automotive units all over the world. Bosch’s partnership with IOTA was seen as a huge deal in the crypto space. Bosch itself had been exploring IoT (internet of things) space for quite some time before it announced its official partnership with IOTA in October 2017.

Bosch aims to get 15.6 billion devices connected to IoT by 2020 and their partnership with IOTA was aimed to decentralize such potential. 

Dennis Boecker, the head of Bosch IT global innovation said, “There is great potential through Distributed Ledger Technologies to make each IoT project more secure, efficient and provide increased transparency to consumers of IoT solutions. Our goal is to increase the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology throughout the Midwest region as IoT solutions and business models continue to grow.”

Apparently, the partnership talk itself began in late 2015 before it became official two years later.

4. Fujitsu



August 2018: In August 2018, the IOTA Foundation officially announced its partnership with the popular multinational company from Japan, Fujitsu. The IT giant company revealed IOTA technology as the “backbone of IoT”. The live demonstration itself was first revealed on April 23rd, in Hannover Messe, Germany.

During the same event, Fujitsu literally showcased a Tangle-based system to help Fujitsu IT products and services. Rolf Werner, the head of Central Europe business of Fujitsu, stated that the Tangle was able to break the traditional barriers of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Werner specifically praised IOTA, “The new tech is energy efficient, offers feeless transactions and scales extremely well, making it well-suited to becoming the industry standard of automated systems and a wider machine-to-machine economy.”

5. Sinopac



June 2018: The partnership became official when both IOTA Foundation and Sinopac decided to sign a MoU (Memorandom of Understanding) in June 2018. At the time, it was claimed that SinoPac wanted to explore IOTA’s tangle solution for new innovations in the digital space.

IOTA’s Tangle was considered the first open-source and distributed ledger technology that is specifically built tn power the future of IoT. On the other hand, SinoPac is one of the largest financial companies in the Asia Pacific region.

The partnership between the two explored DLT as well as blockchain technology with specific focus on The Tangle. SinoPac itself had been working on iCertificate (a digital notary solution) that would utilize the Tangle and its data immutability functions.

This notary service applies to different digital documents.

The hope is to use DLT for real world usage and especially for the financial sector.

6. Audi



July 2018: Audi is another big name partner of IOTA. The idea is to build a long-term permissionless mobility ecosystem where IOTA Foundation would help build a simple prototype and gather customer feedback for Audi’s ThinkTank.

The big announcement was announced by Head of Mobility and Automotive at the IOTA Foundation, Alisa Maas, back in July 2018.

Audi is one of few car manufacturers that want to explore early DLT solutions for innovative ideas and mobility solutions. With IOTA’s open-source protocol, it would help different ideas that require trust in machine-to-machine communication and transaction data.

Audi is hoping to standardize and develop different DLT solutions through the Tangle.

7. Engie Lab CRINGEN



September 2019: ENGIE Lab CRIGEN is the corporate research centre of the ENGIE group. It has signed a MoU with IOTA Foundation to participate in Tangle experimentation in the Energy and IoT-related domains.

The information was first launched by Wilfriend Pimenta, who is the Business Development Director at the IOTA Foundation. It became official from the 6th of September, 2019.

It is claimed that IOTA use cases were thoroughly investigated by Engie Lab CRINGEN and it chose to run Proof of Concept in the Lab before introducing the whole project to bigger countries such as France.

8. Jaguar Land Rover



April 2019: Jaguar Land Rover has completed its partnership with the IOTA Foundation through a new implementation that they called “Smart Wallet”. The idea is to let people drive while earning cryptocurrency at the same time.

The funds from this Smart Wallet can be used to earn credits, sharing information about traffic jams, potholes, and others.

The partnership itself was reported by Cara Harbor, who acted as the Head of Communications for IOTA Foundation, back in April 2019.

The vision of both companies in the partnership was to achieve Destination Zero, which includes zero emissions, zero congestion, and even zero accidents. By doing this, Jaguar Land Rovers can earn credits when they report road condition data and others.

The credits will be able to be used to pay for parking fees, tolls, or even coffee in the smart charging electric vehicles. Here’s where the Smart Wallet would function, thanks to IOTA DLT.

Jaguar Land Rover itself has fully embraced autonomous and shared mobility technology. Alongside IOTA, it tries to be a leader in the shared and cleaner economy for all.

9. Aliander



June 2018: Alliander is a Dutch energy grid operator which created another Proof of Concept where its smart meter data can be gathered with a Raspberry Pi and then published by IOTA Masked Authenticated Messaging. 

The shared process between the two companies was believed to help the energy transition process. In most places, individuals would have the possibility to access different energy usage data in the real-time, which would help balance the grid.

IOTA’s Tangle has a unique feature that is called Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) and this MAM enables encrypted messaging feature. This same MAM would be utilized to access data integrity and control by Aliander.

10. Akita Blockchain Solutions



April 2019: AKITA is a blockchain company with multiple features. They are known for their Smart Machine Agents (SMA) which is directly powered with Distributed Ledger Technology. AKITA understands its DLT needs can be fulfilled by IOTA’s Tangle due to IOTA’s direct connection with the utilization of IoT.

AKITA understands that Tangle is able to automate micro-transactions which are based on milliseconds and Bluetooth RSSI. AKITA utilize its SMA solutions for car, parking system, and virtual government tax entity.

So, the idea is that car would need to reach parking position once a timer starts on the SMA to measure the exact parking duration. And then, the car will transfer cryptocurrency automatically to the parking machine.

In one of their examples, they demonstrated that the car was parked for 2 hours, 47 minutes, and 23 minutes. 

And they were able to send 10043 IOTA to the parking machine where 1 IOTA was valued at 1 second.

According to AKITA, this scenario has successfully demonstrated that the machine-to-machine economy could work even though it was still a Proof of Concept.

11. Avery Dennison



May 2019: Avery Dennison Corporation is an American company, it is a major manufacturer and distributor of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials, apparel branding labels and tags, RFID inlays, and specialty medical products worldwide.

The company is a member of the Fortune 500 and is headquartered in Glendale, California.

Through its partnership with IOTA, it’s believed that the two are working together to drive supply chain transparency forward by utilizing The Tangle.

With a simple label scan through a smartphone, consumers are able to learn how a product is being moved since the first time it was created until the time it reached the buyer. 

Thanks to this partnership, IOTA became one of the most credible altcoin projects with real-world partnerships with more traditional companies. There are other DLT solutions but the fact that Avery Dennison chose IOTA was a solid proof.

12. Taipei City



January 2018: The partnership was made in January 2018 with BiiLab’s Identity System that utilized IOTA’s The Tangle to directly support Taipei City digital citizen cards and Deloitte’s blockchain apps. The vision was to help Taipei City to achieve its smart city goals.

Thanks to the utilization of the Tangle, Taipei City was able to incorporate DLT into its smart city apps, which would start with TangleID citizen cards.

Even though 2018 was seen as a bearish year for the crypto industry, but this news was a significant boost to IOTA reputation in the partnership section.

13. Trademark East Africa (TMEA)



March 2020: IOTA did not just partner with companies in more developed countries but also with a company in Nairobi, Kenya. TMEA or Trademark East Africa has a good track record when it comes to various programs with infrastructure development such as border posts and road developments.

What’s even better about TMEA is that they open up themselves to utilize the latest technologies to improve the systems in government agencies.

TMEA gets its funding through development agencies. The idea is to improve regional trade in the region with Kenya, Ethiopia, DRC, South Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Burundi. It was claimed that TMEA would utilize IOTA’s Tangle to improve public infrastructure in this regional trade.

14. Zühlke



October 2019: IOTA has teamed up with Zühlke, a service provider for innovative solutions all over Europe, which combine technology and business at the same time. 

It was claimed that Zühlke’s partnership with IOTA would integrate the Tangle into Zühlke projects which would directly provide innovation for machinery components and manufacturing products.

The long-term goal is to enable micro-payments functionality, which is considered IOTA’s specialty in the IoT space.

Zühlke is interested in IOTA due to IOTA’s fee-less nature and its infinite scalability when everything is done right. 




October 2019: The IOTA Foundation had also announced its partnership with FIWARE Foundation. This partnership would specifically utilize the Tangle as the trusted and immutable record of data to help FIWARE in its search of relevant context data transactions and architectures.

Ulrich Ahle, The Chief Executive Officer of FIWARE Foundation, stated that by connecting FIWARE with IOTA, higher levels of trust can be delivered to the automated processes through “Powered by FIWARE” smart solutions. 

FIWARE itself claimed that it is the open source platform for the smart digital future, and it has aligned visions with the IOTA Foundation.

16. City of Austin Transport Department



April 2019: IOTA partnered with the government transportation department in Austin, Texas, to integrate a more interoperable transportation network. 

During the April meeting, the speakers from both entities have relayed their visions where each transit system would be able to seamlessly interact with a single digital identity and the same payment application. They also believe the solution to these problems could be achieved through IOTA’s Tangle. 

IOTA’s Dominik Schiener claimed that an open value exchange system like IOTA is needed to help Austin transportation problems.


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