Full List of Chainlink (LINK) Partnerships (2019/2020)

By list3r | WordStock | 4 Feb 2020

Get ready for another long list of partnerships related to a project that has an incredible amount of potential, Chainlink (LINK). I’ve been working on a few pretty long list of partnerships of major crypto players, more of which you should see in the upcoming days. 

I’ll jump straight into the list of partners but, before that, here’s a quick summary of what Chainlink does: it’s a decentralized oracle provider. That means it connects external data in a decentralized manner to blockchain networks so that the two can work together to realize new products.

Full List

  1. Credits (Source)
  2. Oracle (Source)
  3. V Systems (Source)
  4. DApps Inc (Source)
  5. Google Cloud (Source)
  6. Matic (Source)
  7. GoChain (Source)
  8. Reserve (Source)
  9. Harmony (Source)
  10. Shyft (Source)
  11. Hedera Hashgraph (Source)
  12. IOST (Source)
  13. Streamr (Source)
  14. Ocean Protocol (Source)
  15. Synthetix (Source)
  16. Provable (Source)
  17. Celer (Source)
  18. STK (Source)
  19. Mobilum (Source)
  20. ETHA (Source)
  21. Kaiko (Source)
  22. Wanchain (Source)
  23. Hydrogen (Source)
  24. bZx  (Source)
  25. Morpheus Network (Source)
  26. Web3 (Source)
  27. GameDex (Source)
  28. OpenLaw (Source)
  29. OpenZeppelin (Source)
  30. ClinTex (Source)
  31. BET Protocol (Source)

Partnerships in Detail

1. Credits 



July 2019: Credits and Chainlink announce that they “will develop the next key transformational and technological advancements for blockchain solutions.” The partnership sees Credits using Chainlink’s oracle network to secure smart contract data and maintain reliability. Credits throughput of 50,000 TPS and low transaction cost of $0.001, coupled with Chainlink’s securing data, is expected to help foster the growth of the technology among businesses and financial institutions.

Credits is a blockchain software protocol that also offers a series of blockchain products, such as dapp and infrastructure development tools, and wallets. The team states that it is best used for token issuance, data storage, and both micro and macro payments.

2. Oracle


June 2019: Chainlink and Oracle announce that they would work together to help startups using Chainlink's oracles monetize their APIs on the Oracle Blockchain Platform. This is a pretty big partnership that sees Chainlink work with yet another major tech player. 

Oracle is a famous software company, mainly known for their database management systems, though they work with many other technologies. It has shown keen interest in blockchain technology - which is essentially a decentralized database. 

3. V Systems



June 2019: Chainlink and V Systems announce a partnership that sees the latter’s smart contracts use the decentralized oracle network for high accuracy and reliability. This allows V Systems to focus on on-chain development and easily retrieve open source APIs through Chainlink. The use of oracles will allow V Systems to facilitate better development of DApps in the ecosystem.

V Systems is a blockchain cloud database that was launched by Sunny King, one of the inventors of the Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol. The platform focuses on two challenges faced by many projects: scalability and governance. The platform is aiming to build an ecosystem of industrial-scale DApps, which would include such features as smart contracts applications, sidechain applications and cross-chain applications. 

4. DApps Inc



June 2019: Chainlink and DApps Inc. announce a partnership that will allow Salesforce users to obtain accurate and real-time data for smart contract management. 

DApps Inc. is a San Francisco based decentralized application provider that runs, among other things, the Dappsuite EBC Platform, which is used to create a hassle free experience for those who operate in the CRM space, including Salesforce. The DAppsuite platform provides customers with a range of security and reliability focused enterprise-grade smart contracts. The platform allows users to control and manage CRM workflow processes using Ethereum smart contracts.

5. Google Cloud



June 2019: Chainlink and Google Cloud announce that the two would work together to make it easier for developers to develop technologies by letting them access cloud data, among other things, on public blockchains using Chianlinks oracles. In the official statement, a Google official also explained specific use cases that could be developed.

There’s little need to explain the significance of the partnership - it’s Google! Many believed the news of this partnership to be the reason why LINK outperformed so many assets in 2020, which got it into the top 20 tokens by market cap.

6. Matic



June 2019: Chainlink and Matic Network announce a partnership that would have the oracle network with the latter’s Plasma scaling solutions. Smart contracts on Matic will be able to access real-world data through the oracles.

Matic Network is building a platform for DApps and is enticing developers with its work on the layer-2 scaling solution called Plasma. 

7. GoChain



June 2019: Chainlink and GoChain announce that they Chainlink’s oracle services will link real-world data to the GoChain blockchain. 

GoChain uses a Proof-of-Reputation (PoR) consensus algorithm that involves a consortium of entities, including Fortune 500 companies, to verify blocks. Like many other projects, it is building a low cost and highly performant network for efficient running of DApps and smart contracts.

8. Reserve 



June 2019: Chainlink and Reserve partner with the focus of bringing more reliable data feeds to smart contracts, specifically with the intention of helping Reserve’s stablecoin. The oracle services will ensure that the stablecoin protocol behaves as reliably as possible.  

Reserve is a stablecoin project that features two tokens, the Reserve and Reserve Rights. The first is a stablecoin and the second is for the stabilization of the stablecoin.

9. Harmony



June 2019: Chainlink and Harmony announce that the Chainlink’s oracle network will bring reliable and secure off-chain data to the Harmony network, which uses a sharding technique called Deep Sharding to achieve high throughput. Like many of the other partnerships in this list, this is so DApp developers can use good off-chain data to build DApps on a performant blockchain.

Harmony is building a low latency and fees, and high throughput blockchain that they expect will be suitable for a global decentralized marketplace. 

10. Shyft



May 2019: Chainlink and Shyft announce that they will work together to allow the handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by oracles on Chainlink. This feature allows only certain data to be accessed if and when necessary. Additionally, API users can choose what data sources they can work with using this identifiable information.

Shyft is a public blockchain protocol that is focused on collecting data, and ensuring that it can be trusted. It works across both public and private blockchains. Identity, validity and credibility of data is a focus of Shyft.

11. Hedera Hashgraph



May 2019: Chainlink and Hedera Hashgraph collaborate with the agenda of serving Hedera’s enterprise focused public blockchain. The latter will use the decentralized oracle network much like some of the other partners, to gain access to reliable off-chain data for the development of smart contracts.

Hedera Hashgraph’s public blockchain is attempting to solve scalability, security and speed issues with current gen blockchains. The team want to encourage DApp development through this next-gen blockchain. Several big names have backed the project, including Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, IBM, Nomura and Tata Communications.

12. IOST



May 2019: Chainlink and IOST partner to bring the oracle solutions to IOST’s developers. THe goal to realize cross chain DApps and foster a wide variety of DApps on the IOST network.

IOST is a building a highly performant blockchain that uses the Proof-of-Believability (PoB) consensus algorithm. It also uses a form of sharding. 

13. Streamr



April 2019: Chainlink and Streamr announce that the decentralized oracle network will join Streamr’s many services to facilitate the ultimate goal of establishing an open data standard. Chainlink integrated with Streamr’s Marketplace to to strengthen the platform’s data transport protocol and monetization layer.

Streamr is a real time data protocol for Web 3.0. The project is building decentralized infrastructure for the same and the mission to enable data sharing and monetization in IoT, smart cities and Web 3.0.

14. Ocean Protocol



April 2019: Chainlink and Ocean Protocol partner to marry the decentralized oracle network with a decentralized data exchange protocol. Ocean Protocol will receive trustworthy off-chain data from Chainlink for its smart contracts. 

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol that wishes to “unlock the world’s data for the advancement of AI and to create an ecosystem for the Data Economy.”

15. Synthetix



March 2019: Chainlink and Synthetix announce that they are partnering with the purpose of improving the Synthetix platform’s price feeds. Synthetix’s synthetic assets, called Synths, can be given price feeds using Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network. The platform’s founder has described the partnership as an important move towards decentralization.

Synthetix is a DeFi platform where “Synths” can be created, which are just digital assets that track the price of real world assets. Supported assets include fiat currencies and commodities, with stocks and other derivatives planned in the future. It is currently handling over $150 million in locked ETH funds.

16. Provable

March 2019: Chainlink and Provable, also an oracle service, announce that they will work with each other’s oracle services, making the oracle network truly decentralized.

Provable is an oracle service that strives to bring decentralization to financial services, as well in the gambling and insurance industries. The platform uses several notable technologies, including Intel SGX, Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, and EOS and Ethereum smart contracts.

17. Celer



February 2019: Chainlink and Celer form a strategic partnership with the goal of using the oracle network to bring accurate real world data to the latter’s layer-2 scaling solution, also described as “a combination of off-chain conditional state transition with an on-chain oracle dependency.”

Celer Network is a project that is focusing on building a layer-2 scaling solution, much like many other efforts. Off-chain smart contracts incur no fees and the transaction latency has been reduced by a factor of 20,000.

18. STK 



December 2018: Chainlink and STK announce that the oracle network with integrate with STK’s smart contract projects. Intended applications include SWIFT transactions and APIs. Sending payments from bank accounts is a key priority of this initiative. 

STK is a blockchain-based payments solution platform - calling itself a “personal finance platform.” The platform features the STK token, which facilitates the features on the platform. The project features multiple notable partners, including the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) and Maker. 

19. Mobilum



December 2018: Chainlink and Mobilum announce that the latter will use Chainlink’s oracles for price feeds for its trading platform. Specifically, it will be used to calculate the amount of cryptocurrency needed to settle fiat denominated conversions. 

Mobilum is an all-in-one crypto platform that offers multiple features. Among other things, the Mobilum ecosystem consists of an XCARD wallet and mobile app, biometric credit card, exchange, and foundation API. The platform contains over 200 tokens for trading, and fiat to crypto conversions.

20. ETHA



December 2018: Chainlink and ETHA announce that they will partner to use the oracle network for ETHA’s blockchain remittance solutions. More data feeds means more reliable smart contract-based services.

ETHA is a blockchain remittance platform strongly focused on crypto to fiat transfers. The interoperable platform has different payout options, including direct bank transfers, local cash pick ups and mobile top ups.

21. Kaiko



November 2018: Chainlink and Kaiko partner to bring crypto market data to smart contracts. It is similar to the many other partnerships on this list, inasmuch as that Chainlink provides reliable data feeds to the partner.

Kaiko is a digital asset data provider that covers the top exchanges. The platform collects, normalizes and distributes data through APIs, data streams and livestream services. Users can then use this data to make decisions or build applications.

22. Wanchain



November 2018: Chainlink and Wanchain announce that the oracle network would be integrated into Wanchain. Like the other partnerships, this partnership is about access to off-chain data like APIs and data feeds.

Wanchain is a blockchain project that is building infrastructure for decentralized financial services. The project is attempting to connect both private and public blockchains through the use of proxy chains. 

23. Hydrogen



November 2018: Chainlink and Hydrogen, the company behind Project Hydro, announce a partnership that sees the Hydrogen team lowering the barrier of entry into blockchain and crypto. Chainlink will be used to “ enable smart contracts to act on messages sent from the Hydro API.” A second layer of security will be provided through the partnership, as users can secure funds inside a smart contract with Hydro’s 2 factor authentication.

Hydrogen is a fintech company that is working on multiple novel solutions, including DeFi blockchain platform Project Hydro. The latter features a marketplace, multiple DApps and a digital identity management protocol that binds the features together.

24. bZx 



November 2018: Chainlink and bZx announce a strategic partnership that sees the incorporation of Chainlink’s oracles on top of the base bZx protocol. This enhances liquidity solutions, as the extra oracle solution can help pull API data.

bZx is a protocol that powers margin trading and lending services, an open finance protocol that has multiple services and products in its ecosystem, including wallets, asset management protocols and portfolio trackers.

25. Morpheus Network



October 2018: Chainlink and Morpheus Network partner to enable the latter to access off chain data for the optimization of supply chain solutions. 

Morpheus Network is a blockchain project that is building supply chain solutions. It has integrated with over 100 industry entities, including DHL, FedEx and SWIFT.  

26. Web3



October 2018: Chainlink and Web3, the foundation involved in the development of the Polkadot project, announce that they will collaborate to create an implementation of the Polkadot project, making off-chain data available on the Polkadot network.

Web3 is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the research and development of Web 3.0 principles and architecture, the most notable of which is Polkadot.   

27. GameDex



September 2018: Chainlink and GameDex announce that the latter’s blockchain based collectible games will use Chainlink’s oracles to collect professional sports match data for applications on the Ethereum network.

GameDex is a blockchain platform for digital collectible games. It includes multiplayer games where users can spend the DGX token to buy cards and wage tokens in games.

28. OpenLaw



August 2018: Chainlink and OpenLaw, a ConsenSys legal initiative, announce that Chainlink’s oracle services will be incorporated into OpenLaw’s protocol. The collaboration sees the use of the oracle to value cryptocurrencies like ETH against fiat currencies at the latest exchange rates.

OpenLaw is a legal initiative launched by ConsenSys. It is building a universal legal protocol for blockchains, offering a toolkit that includes a first draft, relayers, a token forge and smart contract components, among other things.

29. OpenZeppelin



December 2017: Chainlink and OpenZeppelin announce that the oracle network will be used for the latter’s smart contract async execution manager and its marketplace. Like the other partnerships, it will be used in determining exchange rates.

OpenZeppelin is developing a smart contract toolkit that makes development easy. It features smart contract upgrades, interactive commands and modularity.

30. ClinTex



July 2018: Chainlink and ClinTex announce that the decentralized oracle network will be used to connect pharmaceutical source systems to ClinTex’s Clinical Trials Intelligence platform. 

ClinTex is a medical industry focused entity that is building the Clinical Trials Intelligence platform, which uses machine learning, smart contracts and data analytics to bring quality and operational improvements in clinical trials.

31. BetProtocol



January 2020: Chainlink and BetProtocol announce that they will partner to provide decentralized Esports and Sports Oracles on all of the latter’s gaming platforms.

BetProtocol is a gaming focused platform where users can build their own gaming application in a matter of minutes. This includes casinos and prediction markets. Tech partners include Matic, Nexo and KuCoin.

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