What’s your Dosha?

Have you ever used Ayurvedic Wisdom to Build your Chemistry? Increase your Life’s Potentials in this Wisdom

By Wisdoms1 | Wisdoms Luminaries | 3 Mar 2022

Hello, in this article I will speak on how your bodies chemistry can influence your outcomes in life. Including a greater knowledge within your Mind. This is part of the “Practice “. I speak upon. Eating properly for your Body’s constitutions. The body types are called Doshas here is a link to get to know you better and it’s FREE. Meals should include the Six tastes 

@ SWEET grains, protein, fats/oils

@ SOUR anything with acidic and or sour flavors 

@ SALTY like Fish and Salty herbs

@ BITTER Green and Yellow vegetables Green leafy greens like Parsley, Cilantro 

@ PUNGENT Spicy like Ginger, pepper, Cayenne, Garlic

@ ASTRINGENT Peas, Cranberry, Pomegranate, Apple, 

Chose fresh and Organic ingredients whenever possible food can be more than one taste. Choice of local and in Season food has great benefits. Don’t use margarines, hydrogenated oils, partially hydrogenated oils, real Butter is better. 
Don’t use High fructose corn syrup. Most Ayurvedic meals are Vegetarian or Vegan in Nature. 
Ghee is Amazing and a Good Fat for Brain power. And mental Clarity 

in the Infinite Wisdom of Nature giving Food and Medicine thru Creations Manifestations of our World. Called foods and Herbs. Water being the most Important. The Chemicals in your Body control youPotential to the Best life you can live and this even makes Wealthier People based on Better Choices and Mental Foresight using Remote Viewing and Fractal Patterns of Reality. It like reading the Code to the Matrix. No joke it’s Amazing when you get to this Level of Knowledge and Wisdom. And seems Sci-Fi to the One with 2 eyes and a weak simple Singal EyE. 

a2c123e129022163373b5a3dccf8ac6eeec0a10fef41afe38753c4ef3cec040b.jpgAfter all this Wisdom 

20 years later I found this “PRACTICE “  had uses in Finance too and many movies speak upon this Phenomenon of Manifestation. 

Thanks again for sharing your Heart thoughts and prayers and May Peace and Abundance Walk before you and yours Always Much Love 🙏🕊🙏

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Be a metaphysical Master and enjoy life’s opportunities isolate and use the Body as A Tool to build Life. And expand the potential of your BUILDs. The Chemistry in the human body controls more than just health. So Master Life and enjoy the Fruits 🕊

Wisdoms Luminaries
Wisdoms Luminaries

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