Goodbye Coinbase the Risk is not worth the APP. And why you should get off the platform too

By Wisdoms1 | Wisdoms Luminaries | 14 May 2022

Hello again and Welcome back so as many know of controversy it was this that prompted me to look closer into Coinbase rather than using like a new toy with no understanding of how it works. So at the Time of this article Coinbase stock that I used to own was at $67 down 16.02% and failed on earnings. Coinbase was down 34+% . Coinbase Global went Public at a Value of $342USD. To keep your money safe keep your coins off platform in a Self Custody wallet. Of course there are risks with anything even a self custody Wallet, you lose it break it it gets wiped at the Airport. So my move is to keep my positions on a few Wallets. But keep One as my player in the Game and Secure the others in a Place without potentials of loss. what does this have to do with the Goodbye Coinbase. Well to put it Simply I don’t trust them with a NON my Money terms. It has been to the attention of many of the Shady Bankruptcy terms  this is the Contract you agreed with in Signing up and saying YES. 24106ae5748112031ea8af1c69510e53224dd005104cf9971903bbb67c2eddf2.jpg they  keep your Money pay bills and if anything left you get your so called share. Coinbase CEO responded to the Idea of Bankruptcy not being on the table. But did nothing to reword the conversation of your money being YOURS. In verbal or his Contract. And in Law the Contract Wins. In turn you Lose it was a fun gimmick to get a Earn and learn to get you into the mousetrap. Like I say there is No such thing as a free lunch. With high fees and other BETTER choices and Personal Wallets why use them for a few bucks of crippling crypto. No thanks say a Man who cares about his money. I hope this news never comes to pass but is so At least you should have an Awareness and open to remove yourself beforehand. So please do your own research and make a Wise choice before it becomes a forced process you may not enjoy I had over 20k investment between stocks of Coinbase and crypto on the exchange. With free services available and high fees Coinbase is going to struggle to make it a Appreciated Platform. But as for me I AM out. And they  can keep there free 3 dollars of Jasmey 😉😂😂. I used to think free money is free money but Character is more important than a Shiite hand at the table. Playing fair is the only Principle that keeps me involved and invested. Hopefully this was informative and Best Wishes to you and yours Always Much Love and May Peace Be upon you Always. So Long  Coinbase hello my Money being Mine. 

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