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Brave Browser Senior Engineers and Co-authors of EIP-6963 Team Up to Benefit Users!

22 Dec 2023 3 minute read 1 comment Cje95

Last week Brave announced and released an update to its browser that is a huge step in the right direction for crypto users with multiple wallets. This update contained support for EIP-6963 support in Brave Wallet on iOS, Android, and Desktop version...

Keevo Cold Wallet Review 2023

14 Dec 2023 9 minute read 3 comments busyjordy

In today's article I will give you the ins and outs of the most sleek hardware wallet - the Keevo Model 1. Not only is this device with a killer design that makes you want to carry it around, just to impress people (not really recommended, but it’s t...

Start Your Crypto Journey With Bitcoin Cash

2 Dec 2023 1 minute read 1 comment Pantera1

Bitcoin Cash is a decentralized P2P Electronic Cash system, a cryptocurrency offering borderless, permissionless, and censorship-resistant instant transactions affordable for everyone in the world. Bitcoin Cash is one of the few decentralized blockc...

Cryptocurrencies and Custodial Wallets are Self-Contradictory

21 Nov 2023 2 minute read 13 comments Debesh Choudhury

Bitcoin was invented to get rid of centralization. When Bitcoin was invented, the sole purpose was decentralized peer-to-peer transfer of digital assets. The title says it all. "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System." Source As of today...

Do not keep the money idle in exchanges

8 Nov 2023 2 minute read 0 comments Bala

Keeping the money idle is not good in the real world. The same applies to the crypto world too. It is also a huge mistake to keep the money idle in exchanges because there is a high possibility that the funds might get stolen easily because we are no...

Bitcoin Investors Spooked as Dormant Whale Wallets Move Funds, But There's No Need to Panic

26 Apr 2023 2 minute read 0 comments XTRM™

Bitcoin Investors Spooked as Dormant Whale Wallets Move Funds in April 2023, But There's No Need to Panic Bitcoin investors have been left spooked after dormant whale wallets moved significant amounts of Bitcoin to new wallets in April 2023. These m...

Self-Custody Wallets And Why They Matter So Much

4 Jan 2023 5 minute read 8 comments Pillar

The recent events with FTX have led people to recall the famous rule in the crypto world: Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto. This phrase becomes more popular whenever a crypto-based company experiences something catastrophic, as it happened with Mt Gox,...

QuadrigaCX Wallets Awaken?

29 Dec 2022 4 minute read 0 comments Cje95

Long before the collapse of FTX but after the collapse of Mt. Gox there was another major crypto exchange that failed. This exchange though failed in a rather remarkable fashion because of the mystery that surrounds it. QuadrigaCX was the largest exc...

Funds can suddenly disappear from Exchanges

28 Dec 2022 2 minute read 0 comments Bala

When it comes to investments, exchanges and centralized wallets are the first risky place to keep our assets. 90 percent of the time it may not be a problem to hold the assets on Exchanges but there is a high chance that things can go wrong and we mi...

Growth of Digital Enconomy - A Challenge for Competition Regulators

10 Jul 2022 9 minute read 0 comments bitiuris

Introduction An unprecedented growth of the digital economy in India was witnessed in the recent past with the massive expansion of the e-commerce, mobile taxi aggregator and e-wallet businesses. Digital Economy is driven by two factors – supply side...