Did the weekends homework inspire Gains? Monday is over Will the rest of the week play to Bigger Gains? Here is a few choices I will use to Answering the questions at hand

By Wisdoms1 | Wisdoms Luminaries | 19 Jul 2022

Hello Friends, so in this article I will be talking about Stock and choice of what to do with it. There are so many choices anyone can get lost. Be it the pump and dump Below penny stocks the rug pulls that Crypto get often even happens in the stock world. There are many Big money moves that unless you have that kind of money you might not be aware of. But need to use critical information and thinking to not get stuck holding the bag for the ones playing the game. But in turn if you can play it has enormous potential to make big bucks. I talk about how I keep One Brokerage account simple at 100k to keep math simple 1% @ $1000 so when choices I need the process to show and representation of a solid 2+% for me to ever enter the position for the day or a swing of the week. Play strong and this equation allows around 5k or better a week. To me that is successful. With a minimum lose of 2%. For the position. So here are my positions for this week some for a day some for the week. So many know the CPI was 9.1% this caused market damage but there is always a window of opportunity within this mess. Last Friday showed some stronger retail sales data. Looking forward to seeing more clear direction in the week to come. So here it is my Positions all have been split evenly with my money. First Ticker is  VERU key level is around $16.25 I AM seeing a bounce as high as $18 now if it drops to bellow $15.50 this play is over beforehand. We will see what it brings at time of writing Tuesday a.m. it was at $16.85 up 2.86%. Looking like I will gain some weight on this one. The next Ticker is PINS at $19.60 this could push to $20.75 if so I believe we could see up to $22. I Limited buy this at $19.45 and currently at $20.62 so up roughly 1.85% this is a short that has potential. And the Next Ticker is C, like a $48.50 it trapped shorts on Friday if it hold we could see up to $52 stop loss at $50.75 entry was $50.88. Currently at 2.66% gain as of today. And just a heads up the Chinese regulations started fining big tech again last Sunday. This will not help the penny stock folks or the “BABA” fans. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and sharing time with me I wish this to be helpful to people who are looking forward to seeing what offers we have to make Wealth and have Finances be a peaceful experience. And leaving stress behind forever. I know the market has tremendously grown and changed but it brings a beautiful picture to life when your the ONE building the Frame. May Abundance flow like water into you and yours Life. Much Love and Best Wishes 🙏🕊🙏 as always join me at PUBLIC and get free stock and join my group and see what Everyone has to offer. We have had no red for the month. Just click the link friend me and it’s that easy I will share my whole portfolio and I post my daily moves to the Following. Thanks again 

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