Venezuelan Army Mining Bitcoin For Unblockable Income

Venezuelan Army Mining Bitcoin For Unblockable Income

Venezuelan army mining bitcoin for unblockable income

I read about the Venezuelan army mining bitcoin for unblockable income a few days ago. Venezuela is facing one of the worst economic crisis, but their bounce back is backed by millions around the world. Holding prayers, good faith, awareness spreading articles 😁 and donations but these alone are not enough to rescure the country from the economic crisis.


Overlooking the fact that this economic crisis is of the most part caused by America's sanctions on the country, a real solution oriented project had to be implemented. When such a powerful country imposes sanctions it's inevitable that the country will face dooms day after dooms day, unless a solution minded group of individuals influence the masses to overlook the sanctions and focus on the many solutions there are. These solutions have been tested time and time again only to reach one simple truth, the solution lies in the redirection from centralisation. The sanctions are centrally powered, the best way to counter these centrally powered sanctions is by going incognito mode (decentralisation). How does a whole country go under the radar of one of the super powers of the world? Easy, decentralisation of, I'd say everything, bit by bit until enough confidence is summed up to hold the country's own and that's exactly what Venezuela is doing. 

The bitcoin mining center set up by the Venezuelan army has Sunacrip's support , Sunacrip is Venezuela's cryptocurrencies regulator. This is all in effort to generate unblockable income. Really, now the world we have cultured for ourselves, we are inventing new words daily to describe our hidious acts. Not to be insensitive but that's how we learn, that's how grow. 

The bitcoin mining (blockchain) project is backed by 26 national legal norms, the country's new anti-blockade law, Sunacrip and the military civic alliance. There are big and powerful names supporting the shift of focus onto DeFi. 

Power to the people? Unlike their Petro cryptocurrency, bitcoin mining will not compete against the common interests. 

There's an Instagram video on this.

This is a demonstration to the bigger population as to what cryptocurrencies adaptation can do to change our world for the better. We cannot only stick to bitcoin alone, that's too limiting in a way because bitcoin has its flaws. Other cryptocurrencies that do not necessarily compete with bitcoin and are not bitcoin copies, have been observed to have different and unique properties as crypto assets. AMPLE for instance has this buoyancy effect that allows it to stay based incase of inflations. Another interesting cryptocurrency is the injective protocol (INJ) , injective brings power to the people by enabling truly free and decentralised trading.

These kinds of projects inspire confidence in people.






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