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As the whole world is about to be taken over by cryptocurrencies, we observe certain authorities still holding cryptocurrencies on ban lists for the morale they don't see in cryptocurrencies not just Bitcoin alone. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, soon there could be more than ten thousand cryptocurrencies. The one issue that authorities in different settings have against cryptocurrencies is that most of it is decentralised, it's practically uncontrollable, not linked to the grid or the system and this in the eyes of the authorities is the image of insubordination. Insubordination is highly frowned upon especially in terms of traditions, cultural beliefs and holds that most authorities have in place as a norm not to let go of what has been believed in and what was stood for. It is a stand point that makes sure that certain problems keep winning and the win-win situations only get lucky so often. The one observation about today's society is that everyone belongs in a certain fragment of society, no matter how much we won't accept it none of us is able to function on their own for long enough to not fall into a certain segment of society. If you travel, you are a traveler, if you trade you are a trader and it doesn't matter if you are a decentralised cryptocurrencies trader, on the bigger picture you still fall in that segment that makes up or adds up to other segments and that's where the problems that keep winning come in. These problems have easy solutions, as we are gifts to this time and space that only each of us can give, we are those solutions that certain problems need in order to be solved and serve whatever segment is now having problems due to that solution not being available. 


Cryptocurrencies are an obvious solution, decentralised or not, cryptocurrencies are the solution as it is obviously stated already. The thing that we as a people can't seem to understand is that the more we ban, block and keep people from the solution, the more mutated the solution becomes. This gives the solution so much edge that the solution (in this case cryptocurrencies) pick up so much grit and weight that they just crush everything and by crushing everything the very element that has been holding the solutions back will burst forth like a dam wall breaking forth. Possible harm to those who are too close might occur but the bigger picture will show the spectacular view of more win-wins.


Let's take Venezuela for instance, tottaly trashed, the economy depression really wasted everything. We can blame all day if we must but most of the ones who recognize the resilience of a human spirit knew that it's only a matter of time before a mutation occurs, which was Venezuela introducing its own cryptocurrency, which didn't do too well to revive the Venezuela economic situation but it sparked the brilliance in the minds of the Venezuelan nation to open up to possibilities. Supermarkets are now starting to accept cryptocurrencies payments, how soon will your favourite outlet let you pay in cryptocurrencies? Drop in that customer suggestion y'all!.


It was just today that I read an article by Permabull that 274 bitcoins have been traded in Venezuela last week, which is short of the last recorded 281 bitcoins traded in the week before then on localbitcoin. This is in a country that has been trashed, the world is busy observing how cryptocurrencies are able to empower nations to stand in their own power and not aid, it's been so long that economically depressed countries kept getting all that aid and where or how are their economic situations now? The focus here is on the involvement of the mutated solutions because when you hold back solutions from the people the people re-think, recuperate and get stronger, the people get smarter on handling the problem thus coming up with real solutions that do not have to be incriminating anyone. It's a beautiful world we got here, it just so much more beautiful when we win-win. And it won't stop here, no one can stop it either.



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