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The only constant in this world is change, we often read around on billboards that nothing is new under the sun. Although that is true, cryptocurrencies are challenging almost all areas of life and living in collaboration with blockchain. Blockchains seem unbreakable 😅.

I was publishing my last article when I was prompted to wait, the red message across the screen read "Updating Website". I took a breath, laid back and tried again. Something prompt me to check my dashboard, turns out Santa Claus came early this year. One whole month and a day early. We have been blessed with a 4th addition to the tip & rewards lot. Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce to you the one and only latest addition to the tip contest yours truly Ampleforth, coming in hit firing at $ 1.16 market price ranking 74th on the world cryptocurrencies market cap chart, with a market cap of $205,040,276. The trading volume for the day is just over $6 million, pretty hot I must say. The lowest of the day was $1.12 and the highest at $1.26, not bad not bad. I'll put down a blind bet on this one that by Christmas Eve (a month from now) AMPL will be trading at a market value of + $5.00, with all this attention AMPL is about to get it's quite inevitable.

What's with Father Christmas's early gift, what's so special about AMPL? It is another bitcoin, better than bitcoin, supply changes daily.

This is what that means.


Supply changes daily, AMPL protocol automatically adjust supple to demand resulting in wallet balances decreasing as price lowers, and increases the wallet balance when the price goes back up. Somewhat like those life buoys at sea, high tide takes them up and low tide brings them down.


That may sound bad but the special deal about AMPL is that AMPL cannot be diluted by supply inflation unlike most cryptocurrencies. Wallet balance adjustments are done universally and proportionally, ensuring that there are no imbalances meaning that your AMPL share stays fixed like the life buoys at sea, the tides (supply inflation) can come and wash away most of the other cryptocurrencies but not AMPL.


So like, is that the point? Some other cryptocurrencies have those properties too- one might say. Well AMPL developers have observed that cryptocurrencies are awfully correlated like printouts on different coloured sheets. AMPLs motives allow it to decouple from bitcoin reducing the systematic risk by adding diversity to this homogeneous ecosystem.


And then.....?

The properties of AMPL solve the inelasticity problem that highly contribute to bubble formations and pops, as cryptocurrencies are prone to sudden shocks in demand and cannot be used to dominate complex contacts, as a result sophisticated economies cannot be built upon them. AMPL is the simplest solution to the supply inelasticity problem.


Ok, ok, the last kiss?

About that last kiss, it might take a while to get there but the properties of AMPL, with the adaptability to shock makes it a suitable alternative to central bank money which means it's carries potential to be a better bitcoin. For now AMPL can help diversify cryptocurrencies portfolios. After gaining some clout, AMPL will be used or help as a reserve collateral (DeFi building block) by decentralised banks because of its buoyancy. 


Ok the tip won't get me the PS5, where can I buy the magical AMPL?


You can buy AMPL from uniswap, bitfinex, ftx, gate, Timex and MXC.

You can also stake AMPL by providing liquidity on automated market platforms like uniswap


Stay posted , Santa Claus will be dropping some more as the festive season dawns. 


For more information on AMPL visit the site and join Discord



Supreme love and light


Current constellation positions


+ Waxing Gibbous in Aries ♈

+ Mercury X Venus in Scorpio

+ Neptune in Pisces

+ Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn in Capricorn

+ Mars in Aries ♈

+ Uranus in Taurus


Bless up!


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