Now is the best investment opportunity for FILE COIN to mine❓🤫

Now is the best investment opportunity for FILE COIN to mine❓🤫

As the incentive layer of IPFS, filecoin aims to build a faster, safer and lower cost distributed storage network with token incentive system, and become the infrastructure of the next generation Internet, which plays an important role in the field of blockchain. The birth of filecoin can be said to expand the technical boundary of blockchain, optimize the data storage mode, and accelerate the implementation of blockchain in entity applications.

The development space and commercial potential of IPFS technology is huge, and filecoin based on IPFS is also highly concerned. It is a potential stock in the decentralized storage market, and the market user investment demand is increasingly significant.

There are two ways to invest in filecoin: Mining and buying futures.

However, there is a certain lock in period for fil futures, the price cost is higher than mining, and the risk is greater than mining. Investment in Fil futures is also possible to obtain high returns. However, due to the fact that the current exchanges are mixed in good and bad, facing fraud, road running and other behaviors, the time risk and cashing risk are greatly increased, and fil futures is still not suitable for long-term investment.

So, as an investor, it is easier to get huge dividends and more reliable choice to participate in filecoin mining. Because filecoin mining has the following advantages:

First of all, in addition to being able to contribute to the network ecology of filecoin, filecoin miners will receive more abundant fil rewards, including block rewards (linear decreasing release of the whole network according to a certain algorithm), transaction fees (transfer fees of FIL), storage fees (storage data service fees paid by users to miners) and retrieval fees (retrieval data services paid by users to miners) Charges.

Secondly, according to the early dividend of bitcoin, the price from the initial US $0.1 to the highest is close to US $20000 a bitcoin, and the miners involved in the early mining get a huge wealth dividend. With the advent of Internet digital wave and 5g era, data storage market will usher in a new round of outbreak. Based on the strength and attention of filecoin's team, participating in the mining of filecoin is indeed an investment way that cannot be missed at present.

Finally, I know that most of filecoin's friends should be investors of cryptocurrency, and also feel the charm of cryptocurrency investment. So filecoin, the only cryptocurrency with a real application landing, will surely impress many people. From the current official actions, it is highly possible to go online from June to July.


As an investor, we all know that there are certain risks in any investment. What are the risks of mining in filecoin? What about the risk? Let's analyze:

1. Filecoin mining is not as good as the miner's propaganda? Is there any prospect and market in the future?

The birth of IPFS and filecoin has greatly improved the sharing of our data storage, which is the value. Unlike BTC, BTC brings the problem of POW's high dependence on computing resources and huge energy consumption. The pow mechanism of IPFS / filecoin is different from that of BTC, which does not need to consume huge energy and rely on computing resources. In this sense, IPFS system fundamentally improves human efficiency and is a real sharing economy.


2. Can family miners and small miners compete with large mines?

Although the official hope of filecoin is that everyone can become a node of the network to participate in the mining of filecoin, in view of some severe punishment mechanisms, it is likely to lose more than gain to participate.

3. Will the price of fil be low and the mining income not high?

At present, there are several voices on the market about the price estimation of filecoin. We can listen to them first. It's a conservative voice. Basically, it's about $10 on-line, and then it may enter a stage, jumping to about $30, a year or so, about $100. This is a voice in such a price range.

There is also a more optimistic voice. Some people say that the online price may be $30, and then it will be 2 to 3 times, 3 to 5 times higher, directly up to more than $200.

Of course, we can't use the traditional project thinking to understand this. It's a big project, and its future value is the data of the whole Internet. Therefore, the more valuable the future of fil currency is, the longer and medium-term investment, rather than a short-term project.

4. How to solve the problems (maintenance problems, quality problems, power outage)?

The purpose of filecoin reward and punishment mechanism is to encourage miners to provide high-quality services, but it also creates a threshold. Personal storage equipment built at home can't guarantee its long-term stable operation, such as the situation of network disconnection and power failure, which will lead to the forfeiture of pledged currency and the decline of miners' reputation. On the other hand, without a strong technical background, in case of equipment failure, filecoin network change and other emergency situations, if proper treatment is not taken immediately, it is likely to suffer more serious punishment measures.

In view of many uncertainties in the early stage, if an individual wants to participate in the mining of early filecoin, it is recommended to select a cloud storage platform with a strong technical background, participate in the mining of test network filecoin and perform well.

5. Will the mining of filecoin be suppressed by the government?

At present, the state's policies should not be encouraging, but at least not limiting.

But if it is really suppressed, it must be a process. In the early stage, there must be no problem, so participants in the early stage do not need to worry at all.


According to the comprehensive judgment, the prospect of filecoin mining is very promising. It is an investment with less investment and low risk. At present, the most important thing is to participate in the mining as soon as possible and enjoy the head mine dividend.

At the same time, in view of the fact that there are hundreds of filecoin mining machine manufacturers on the market at present, however, from the perspective of team strength and test network, it seems that there are not too many manufacturers with technical content. The most important thing is to choose a team with strong technical strength and excellent mining performance in filecoin test network!


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