My Porfolio For My Favorite Main Three Crypto (I'm Going to HODL This For Very Long...)

My Porfolio For My Favorite Main Three Crypto (I'm Going to HODL This For Very Long...)

By Wilson Pon | wilhb81 | 10 Jul 2019

Hi to all Publish0x readers,

Yeah, I know that Bitcoin is the "Holy mother of all Cryptocurrencies", but I just don't have any intereste to HODL it for a long time (I normally just trade it from time to time, instead of HODLING it)

Compare with Bitcoin - I have a different crush on Ethereum (dunno why I preferred Ethereum than Bitcoin, maybe I'm just a weirdo person, I guess XD)


1. Why I Invested in Ethererum?


Well, the reason is quite simple. Since I've missed the Bitcoin's mining bandwagon on the early of 2010's - it's rather expensive to buy a single bitcoin compare to a single ethereum!

Another factor why I invested in Ethereum - I myself a cryptocurrency project manager (sort of creating new cryptocurrency projects for other team) and Ethereum's latest ERC721 NFT feature makes the HODLING becoming even more valuable :)

2. Why I Invested in Pundi X?


I was still remembered that I first heard about on around 2017. During that moment, I have a very strong feeling and confident - this token is going to be a HIT in near future.

After about two years of progression, PundiX team managed to invent their own XPOS machines, XWallet, NPXS, FunctionX and many more incoming cool features!

It seems like that my decision of keep HODLING PundiX tokens is my best decision ever!

3. Why I Invested in Steem?


Frankly speaking, I joined Steemit on 26th December2017. I wasn't active at all on the first two weeks and only started to post on 3rd week, after I joined the Steemit platform.

At first, I participated in so many events, especially the CN events. I won many of them, including the sci-fi story writing and singing contests (yeah, I can sing, even though my sound is horrible XD)

I saw many newcomers can't stay more than three months on Steemit (mostly left within the first or second month after the sign up)

I've seen the progression of Steemit, from the highest price period to the lowest one (up and down like riding the roller coasters lol)

Right now, Steemit platform is undergoing a big transformation (the SCOT Bots and is launched) before the SMTs coming...

After being a Steemit's author for 1.5 year, I have confident that this little pupa is going to evolve and becoming a beautiful butterfly in near future!

Beside of that, I just found out these three cryptocurrencies: Bounty0x, Project Hydro & DAI Stablecoin, after I joined

To be honest, after doing some research on them - I noticed these three cryptocurrencies have their own potential to grow.

Therefore - I made a decision to HODL them too :D

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for accepting me as one of the publish0x's author @igort :)

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