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ReggaeSteem - It's The Platform Especially For Reggae Lovers!

19 Jul 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Wilson Pon

Hi to all Publish0xians, Are you a music lover? If so, then what type of music you're usually listen to? How well you know about "Reggae"? I will ask some of the questions here about Reggae - see if you can answer it right or not :) Q1: What type of...

My Porfolio For My Favorite Main Three Crypto (I'm Going to HODL This For Very Long...)

10 Jul 2019 2 minute read 4 comments Wilson Pon

Hi to all Publish0x readers, Yeah, I know that Bitcoin is the "Holy mother of all Cryptocurrencies", but I just don't have any intereste to HODL it for a long time (I normally just trade it from time to time, instead of HODLING it) Compare with Bitco...


Whats next for eXode? Contract opening will be coming soon!

14 May 2020 Khazrakh

14 May 2020
Wow, this Exode game really fascinate me! Keep up the good work!

CoinGecko Releases Q2 2019 Quarterly Cryptocurrency Report

18 Jul 2019 CoinGecko

19 July 2019
Glad to see @coingecko is here :)

Steemit: The Bull and the Basics

14 Jul 2019 DogGodFrogLog

15 July 2019
I've been a Steemian for more than 1.5 year and I've seen the ups & downs of Steem/SBD... At least, steem-engine helps to boost up Steemit's economy. PS: You can easily find me there, my username is @wilhb81

Find a paid job with Cryptocurrencies using Workingforbitcoins

12 Jul 2019 derwin25

12 July 2019
I love this workingforbitcoins concept!

Why I Think Everyone Should Have a Piece of MakerDAO ($MKR)

10 Jul 2019 kevW!ls0n

12 July 2019
I didn't know about it, until I read your article. Thanks for the useful information @Kevwilson

It might be your last chance to buy XRP at ~$0.30

11 Jul 2019 XRP_Gato

12 July 2019
It's the right timing to get more XRP, before it's mooning :D

INCNT token supply, mechanics and distribution

9 Jul 2019 Incent

11 July 2019
Ah, glad to know about it :)

My 3 TOP Crypto Picks With 10x Growth Potential in 2020

1 Jul 2019 Adamic0

10 July 2019
XRP is having better chance to pump up to $1 in near future :)

Giving Away $200 in ETH! Join Publish0x Contest for Authors: #ShowYourPortfolio

3 Jul 2019 Igor Tomić

09 July 2019
Thanks Igor, I will try my best here :) PS: Here's my entry for the showyourportfolio contest: https://www.publish0x.com/wilhb81/my-porfolio-my-favorite-main-three-crypto-im-going-hodl-very-xykgox

Giving Away $200 in ETH! Join Publish0x Contest for Authors: #ShowYourPortfolio

3 Jul 2019 Igor Tomić

09 July 2019
Awesome initiative. I'd just submitted my author's application and hopefully, I can be one of the authors on this reputable Publish0x platform :D

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EXODE just released its new launch screen and it looks gorgeous!

1 Jun 2020 4 minute read comments Khazrakh

Things are still moving very fast for eXode. Yesterday we saw the release of the new launch screen and with it we are another step closer to playing with our own cards. I'll take you for a tour through the process of setting up a new game. Besides sh...

Whats next for eXode? Contract opening will be coming soon!

14 May 2020 4 minute read comments Khazrakh

Today I want to take another look at one of the (at least to me) most promising blockchain games currently in developement - eXode. In case you still haven't heard about the game, I've already written several articles detailing what the game is going...



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