The market is down and I'm loving it. Buy and hold, Bitcoin IS digital gold!
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The market is down and I'm loving it. Buy and hold, Bitcoin IS digital gold!

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 12 Mar 2020

First, weather the storm.

What made gold precious when it was originally used to barter?

It had appeal, like Bitcoin has constantly increasing appeal with a constantly growing community.

So, the oil prices fell.  So, the coronavirus has everyone in a scare.  Markets dive up and down, this is normal!  Of course, Bitcoin influences every other cryptocurrency - so don't fret.  This is a good thing for making money.

Don't be swayed by it.  Now is the best time to buy.  Now is the best time to earn.

My favorite thing with passive income is to withdraw my earnings off sites like Cointiply at times like this.  You make 5% APR holding it there while disconnected from any exchange and then when the market drops, you send to an exchange, the market goes up and suddenly you're making money in 3+ ways.

I just bought some Bitcoin for the first time in a while (I just stack earnings usually) at $7,390 and I'll buy more if it falls below that; currently sitting at $7,410 and idling at the 7,4 mark.  Update 1:  I actually just bought more at another $7,380 dip. Update 2: Bought more at $7,357. Update 3: Bought more at $7,256.  I should probably yield now.  I didn't.  I bought more around $5,700.  Too big of a dip so I doubled my investment and now there is a nice rebound taking place!

I'm hoping 7'4 is where the rebound marker is, if not I'll just buy more - Lol.

People control markets.  People are easily influenced!  Don't be influenced by oil and the coronavirus in your financial decisions because some whales got scared over cheaper gas and a bug that is NOT going to cause a zombie apocalypse.

I say buy, earn, hold.  It's over when we say it's over.  It's war!

-Thomas Wolf

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