My Journey to Success with Part-Time Crypto
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My Journey to Success with Part-Time Crypto

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 23 Mar 2020

I've only been writing here a short while and I already have 200 followers; thank you to all of you, I plan on providing far better and more comprehensive content in the future in addition to my shorter articles and updated HODL experiments.  I've put every cent I've made on here back into my articles and then some.

I realized right away that my good articles were going to get buried by others if I had no following so I set out to write around one article a day for a couple of weeks and now I am starting to feel comfortable enough to put more depth into my work and not have it be buried and overlooked.

As for my journey status outside Publish0x:

I held top 300 for a while and have been sitting comfortably in the 140-190 range in highest rank over at Coinpot.  I'm only #435 on Cointiply.

I ask because I want to know who knows what is what.  Also, if you are beating me, please tell me how much time you devote to it.  I doubt I am any competition to those on the top #25 list - but I am curious as to how much effort others put into this compared to me.  It's not very much for me for how much I get out of it.

Coinpot Stats

Cointiply Rank

Still, payments are constant so I cannot complain:
CP Confirmation

And look at this STACK UP:
CP Email Proof

I make more money on Cointiply including over $5.00 in the last few hours just doing surveys with some boosters activated.  Too few people really realize that mere moments spent on surveys amounts to hundreds if not thousands of times more Satoshi's/$ for the time spent compared to say, faucets without offers.

Just made another withdrawal there as well:
Cointiply Payment Proof

The next most promising thing for passive & regular income would be Honeygain which pays in Paypal or Amazon gift cards.  Definitely worth checking out.  I'm constantly looking for new passive earners that are legitimate and worth the time and electric bill.  I make good side-income with HideoutTV and it acts as a constant buffer to having to do less to cashout on Cointiply.

I'm doing everything I can to advance in every form of crypto; investing, HODL'ing, day trading, analysis - and earners are no exclusion.

Any suggestions are welcome in the comments!

-Thomas Wolf

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My Earners:
Cointiply - #1 Earner Faucets:

All Coinpot Faucets Pay 3 Tokens per claim + the claim amount and all convert to any other for free.  It's all Satoshi's.

HideoutTV - Passively pays you for "watching" videos with ads.
Honeygain - Passively pays you for using your extra bandwidth.  No lag.

My Exchanges:

My Brokerage App: Robinhood - Free stock when you sign up.

Brave Browser - If you don't already have it you're living under a rock.

Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf

I blog in an amalgamation of an eclectic and diverse range of topics. I am a cryptocurrency advocate, a STEM undergraduate student, a nature enthusiast, a survivalist, a DIY specialist, and I'm a little crazy at times.



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