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How I make a good side income with Cointiply & Coinpot! Both 100% LEGIT & Proven!

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 11 Mar 2020

I've noticed I make decent money compared to most at Cointiply and I sit in the top 200 at Coinpot comfortably; and while a guide exists for Cointiply to get the best earnings I thought I would give a few tips myself for each service.  I'll note that the more people who show interest, the more secrets I will share.


The best earner by far.  I recommend for new users to jump on their app installs (many work in bluestacks!), TheoremReach surveys on their website, and TapResearch surveys on their mobile app as they both offer disqualification coins (100 coins = 1 cent USD and roughly 70-90 satoshi's) and this takes barely any time compared to faucets and searching around for things that may or may not work.  I can make 5-10$ a day just doing an hour or two of surveys in the morning between these two.

Cointiply Official Link

For the lazier types:

On HideoutTV which is linked within Cointiply as a partner (FYI, HideoutTV points are worth way more in Cointiply coins and are given free daily and often even more given on their Facebook page - this amounts to a lot of satoshi's or BAT!)

With this one you simply leave a tab open in chrome (they pay the most if you use chrome but other browsers work so long as you follow their settings!) and for every few ads it displays you get some pocket change.  It adds up pretty quick when combined with the other services of the site.  Remember to change channels often to get the most ads!

VideoFox is their other paid-to-watch service and I love this one for running on my laptop overnight, I usually wake up to 25-40 cents more in my account.

And as a result of these few simple things, I get regular payouts:

Cointiply Payment History

Very simple advice, really.  Do surveys and app installs when you have free time, sign up with a spare email so you don't get drilled with spam from some app offers.  The surveys are where the money is at but if you don't want to make an effort, run videos on your spare screens for spare change!


Now, with Coinpot

It all starts with the seven awesome faucets.  These faucets all instantly pay to your Coinpot account, can be converted at any time without a conversion fee and there is no withdrawal fee with 48 hour payout windows.

The secret to Coinpot is all in the tokens, though.  The achievements are what allow you to gain the most tokens, which are worth more than satoshi's (currently, anyways!).  I'll note that when you make any faucet claim from any of the seven faucets, you also get 3 coinpot tokens which is equal to about 5 satoshi's.

I prefer the loyalty method!

For every day you make a faucet claim in a row, you get 1% loyalty bonus and at 100% you double your claims + referral and mystery bonuses.  These really can add up:

Doge full loyalty claim

BonusBitcoin - With this faucet you get more if you go into settings and opt for the default claim amount.  You'll get 14-18 satoshi every 15 minutes instead of a measly 4!

BitFun - A good Bitcoin faucet, hit the refresh button before you claim if its been more than a few hours and you'll avoid the refresh prompt!

MoonDogecoin - For whatever reason, the coin worth the least always pays the most.  All of these faucets are good but this one is the best paying.

MoonBitcoin - The Moon Bitcoin Faucet

MoonBitcoinCash - The Moon BitcoinCash Faucet

MoonLitecoin - The Moon Litecoin Faucet

MoonDash - The Moon Dash Faucet

Put some work in on the faucets and on the site tokens and:

Coinpot payment emails

I now have 24 payouts back to back, none more than a week apart!

I highly recommend both of these sites and remember: with Cointiply the $ is in the surveys and with Coinpot the $ is in the tokens!

I was able to withdraw funds and make the minimum 3 times in the last 3 days and that's during college mid-terms!



I will add more things to this list as I think of them as there are a LOT of ways I make extra between these two sites.  Questions below are welcome!

Happy earning!

-Thomas Wolf

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