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Coinbase - LRC/UNI Support & Celo on Earn

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 3 Oct 2020

I am pleased to find that Coinbase has launched Loopring (LRC) support in my absence, along with Uniswap (UNI) and a few others.

This is an exciting development for me because I understand Coinbase's ERC-20 support and you can send LRC directly to your Coinbase LRC wallet just as I have with every other supported currency on Publish0x.

I am not currently cashing out due to gas fees being outrageous in an effort to support Publish0x.

I do not advise you to attempt this if you are inexperienced; stick with MyCrypto, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or any other with complete ERC-20 support so you don't risk losing your tokens.

However, for experienced and advanced users, this is not an issue; simply use your Coinbase LRC receiving address.  Being able to send directly to Coinbase makes it a lot easier to exchange (Coinbase calls it conversion) your Loopring earnings to other currencies at a low fee without ETH gas fees.

I was in a second COVID quarantine after direct exposure at work.  I tested negative and I am in good health after a couple of rough weeks personally; I apologize to my followers for being away, but I needed to get my head on straight and get caught up in school and at work.  I did just that.

Additionally, Coinbase has launched another free earning opportunity for their exchange users - Celo (CGLD) earn.  It's my favorite way to obtain free crypto with no hold times, short of passive income.

You sign up, get on the waitlist, and then get an email telling you once you are approved.  For me, it typically only takes a few days, although both of my parent's accounts were approved in the first 24 hours for the last three earn opportunities (Celo, Maker, and Kyber).  Some have lesser luck, but it doesn't hurt anything to get on the waitlist.

Then you simply answer a few questions for $2 USD in Celo a piece ($6 USD equivalent) that can be instantly converted and/or sent to another wallet.  Alternatively, cashed out to PayPal instantly for free or your checking account.
Coinbase Celo Earn

I highly recommend you make a Coinbase account and get on the waitlist!  I've included the Q/A just to make the process faster for everyone.

What is the Celo Platform:
Answer: By making crypto accessible on mobile phones.

What is Celo:
Answer: Staking, governance.

What can Celo Dollars do?
Answer: Using the Valora mobile app.

Get on the waitlist!  I recommend withdrawing it quickly with a low environmental footprint by converting it to Stellar Lumens (XLM) which you can also earn for free alongside EOSIS (EOS) here.

These links are referral links that offer $10 in EOS and XLM for the first two more people to accept them.  I do not like to bloat the body of my posts with ref links, but all of the ones in this article stand to make you as much money as I would make by using them.

I recommend converting it to XLM as I was able to get $5.97 of the $6 USD from one account to the other with conversion and transaction fees - only a few cents; other currencies will hit you harder on conversion fees via Coinbase.

My area is currently in the top #5 COVID wave ranking within the USA.

I am seeing white supremacists out in the open.  These are trifling times - be careful out there.  The "President" was supposed to hold a rally here but even before his COVID-19 Positive results, our governor and local mayor contacted the White House and asked him not to come.  When that didn't work, they found a legal loophole to ban rallies at our airport; though they won't admit it was COVID related in the press.  I fish that airport beach all the time, trust me, it was definitely COVID related!

We had taken personal measures and were reserving seats in masses so if the rally were held, a lot fewer people would be there.  Now we don't have to worry about any additional COVID scares (we have enough!), and as someone coming out of quarantine AGAIN; that is great news.  Since his positive results, all the rallies in Wisconsin have been canceled.  Even better.

I could not be more grateful as things are very disturbing around here already.

G-Eazy - Love is Gone (Official Video) ft. Drew Love, JAHMED

Copyrights go to SME (on behalf of BPG/RVG/RCA Records); Kobalt Music Publishing, Sony ATV Publishing, LatinAutor - SonyATV, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, LatinAutor, and 4 Music Rights Societies.

Stay safe & Stay healthy!

-Thomas Wolf

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