BAT is Holding a Very Strong Recovery

BAT is Holding a Very Strong Recovery

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 9 Jun 2020

Basic Attention Token (BAT) - the token to which we are all familiar and love is demonstrating its ability to maintain its worth above that of Bitcoin's current rise in price, which is impressive in itself with all things considered during COVID-19.

Take a look at this market recovery from before and after the COVID-19 crash over the last several months.

BAT was worth $0.20c at the time of the crash and is currently worth almost $0.26 cents, marking a 25%+ increase in value on top of a complete return to baseline after falling as low as $0.08c during the crash:


I had a feeling this would happen and a sure sign is that BAT is rising while Bitcoin is in a bit of a struggle to reach $10,000 USD and meanwhile BAT easily reached $0.25c USD which brings the token to an even more stable place in terms of where the market was prior to the COVID-19 crash.  I feel far more comfortable holding money in BAT, oddly enough.  I predict it will eventually be worth 1$ minimum based off social support with the Brave browser alone.

I have an ongoing BAT HODL article and I am grateful I recovered all of my tokens and then some; now I just wish I had 1,000 instead of just below 700.  I hated myself when I had to sell some to pay off some credit cards & I definitely lost money when I did, but it's recovered now.

I feel this article answers the question to my other ongoing one - Yes, BAT can and will hold the line regardless of what happens.  That very well may be the end of the scope for that article as that was my question, though I will continue to HODL and update periodically.  I aim to do it once a week for each experimental article that I maintain.

I feel BAT is the strongest altcoin investment opportunity, with a mention to Tezos (XTZ) as being my second favorite.  While I have not abandoned Stellar Lumens (XLM), my support for it is wavering and I have little interest in investing more in anything but those two at this moment in time.

I feel somewhat guilted into keeping my XLM holdings just for the sake of my Stellar experiment article - but, I do not feel it's the smartest place to put my money at the moment.  I am converting almost all of my earnings to Bitcoin, BAT, or Tezos and I have zero regrets.  I did keep 100 XLM, just in case.

Here are my current BAT holdings & I have more on the way - 690.84 BAT worth $176.61.  Not bad.  Most of this was earned blogging here on Publish0x:
I believe BAT will continue this trend of up-rise and the COVID-19 pandemic may have actually been a good thing for the token.  It forced people into their homes looking to do anything they could to make or save money, and it does just that.  At least I have discovered one positive during this awful pandemic.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Let me know what you think in the comments, I think BAT is well on its way to being a top #5 token!

-Thomas Wolf

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